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Special Day

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Author Comments

This is another song I wrote while deployed to iraq. It's a totally different song than the last one I posted, more serious, no humor involved. Kinda emo...... I wrote this song because my mother had just opened up a website called www.aweddinginabox.com *cough.... shameless plug* and basically I was trying to come up with something she could use for the front page..... which never really actually happened. I haven't exactly presented it to her. The reason for that is because of the quality and I still wasn't sure it was a good enough song. My brother seems to like it and my buddies say it's good, but..... i'm lookin for raw criticism, which is impossible to retrieve from family and friends. Like I said before on my last music entry, I recorded these songs with my laptop while in iraq with a crappy overpriced 200 dollar acoustic guitar that one of the iraqi's had sold me. I don't have any vocal training, and am self taught at the guitar. Nor do I have any music programs like pro tools or fruity loops, this is just me with sound recorder using the microphone that was built into the laptop. I know that parts of the vocals are iffy, but like I said, i have no way of editing...... It's basically me playing the song, and after 3 or 4 takes, getting it right, or choosing between 3 or 4 takes which one is the best. So, it's like a live experience!! Done in one take. So this song depicts someone being deployed who's got a special someone he plans on marrying. Basically worried if war has changed him so much that he's unrecognizable to his fiance. Not only physically but mentally as well.

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again very good

same as lonely ones your voice trembles on high notes...

aside from that you didn't make any technical mistakes
pretty good for someone who self taught himself the guitar :)

CluppHead responds:

thanks i appreciate it. Today I should be getting a new software for recording audio, which should make things a lot easier as far as re-recording and/or recording the two tracks seperately. So, the songs should be sounder smoother, at least the new ones i'll put out

Special Day

Yes, I agree with nomoreheroes, with some work on the vocals, this would be alot better.
but its still a good song.
BTW. you're in iraq right now? I thought you guys weren't allowed to do anything fun or anything like that when you're over there.

CluppHead responds:

No, I'm back from Iraq now. Been back for a couple of months. I wrote this song and recorded while in Iraq. It depends on what base your at in iraq in regards to the "fun". Alot of the stuff you do there is really just to kill time. Some guys played video games, some guys read books. Me, I went to the gym and practiced on my guitar alot. So, it's not as bad as you may be thinking, and I mean not as bad as say OIF 1 or what afghanistan is now. It really depends on where your at.

Good show!

I like this a lot, although the vocals could use a little work.

With some polish, I can see this running over the bit before the end credits in an American drama like Grey's Anatomy or something.

CluppHead responds:

Whoa! Seriously? Grey's Anatomy? Ultimately my goal is to re-record the songs worth re-recording. I'm kinda runnin these through newgrounds as like a test, to see if they're any good to begin with. I mean, I've played a few of these songs for family and friends, but i've found it really hard to get raw criticism from them. I mean, i love them all to death, i just think sometimes they can be too supportive......... if that makes any sense. Anyway, thanks for the review!


Really good, as said below it is heart warming and there is something about this song that makes you listen. I don't know why; but I can picture a girl singing this rather than a guy, as the lyrics seem to match up better and I think it would sound clearer and smoother. (Not insulting your singing capabilities in any ways, just in general it would sound better.)

CluppHead responds:

Lol, well i won't argue with you there. I don't have the greatest singing voice. Probably wouldn't make it through the first stage of American Idol. I do think however, that it would sound alot cleaner if I stopped using the built in laptop microphone and bought a semi - pro microphone. Which I do plan on looking into some time this weekend. That and some kind of editing software, where I can pause and re-record certain parts. There's even places in this song where I cringe. I am glad that you liked the song, and appreciate the honesty. thanks for the review!!

great song

this isn't really my style of music, (no i'm not all about heavy metal, i have a lighter side....) but for what it is i like it. i think the song needs to be longer. maybe add some more to it if you ever get around to re-recording it. such as (in my opinion) maybe add a piano in the background or strings (if you don't know what strings are, it's like a violin) but that's me..

overall though, i think it's a very heartwarming song.

CluppHead responds:

Yes, I agree, it does need to be re-recorded some day. I actually do have a violin, just haven't gotten around to teaching myself how to play it!! Gotta find a fret board for it so I can transcribe tabs and what not. That, and i know the vocals aren't that great, there are parts where I cringe even when I listen to it. Thanks for the Review bro!!

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4.64 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2008
6:34 PM EDT
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3 min 23 sec

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