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Whistle Song-Pulsing AnthM Mix

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Not much to say, I got bored and saw the "Whistle Song" melody on newgrounds, a remix posted by FlashBlack (check his newgrounds music!). I used FlashBlack's melody and surrounded it with the accompaniment, taking a stab at creating my own chords and drums without even hearing the original mix of this song by Pulsedriver. Please enjoy, this has been a mixing lesson for me.


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Cool :O

Hey there, its me, FlashBlack.
I created this account to post my newest songs on.
Im thinking about making a full song out of that melody.
However, i dont think i can make him as trancy as the one i have made for your song :P.

Atleast i can still try.
Also can't remember whether i reviewed this with 'FlashBlack' or not.
Anyway, here's a 5/5 10'10 :P.

Greetz St0rmChaser.
And feel free to check out my newer songs :P.

itsameyayo responds:

Thanks for the review! Oh, btw, the reason I didn't give you that sample back is because my computer crashed. I no longer have your original tune without my stuff written in. :(

-However, I will listen to your newer material. In fact, I've heard some of it. But I'll go listen again!


Awesome one!!

Great Track, I loved the beefy bass. :) and the drums!
Awesome trancy synths used for this song! Nonetheless I heared only an bit of the original song. But I sure loved this one!! only for my feeling it was damn to short! lol.
anyways keep mixing is my oppinion it could turn out really great!! trust me.
also thanks for checking my songs out. ;)
~-unrealdark2-~ 5/5 10/10

itsameyayo responds:

Sure, anytime! Yeah, I might have to start this up again, I'm just so dang lazy! Lol.


Sounds great!

I haven't heard either mix, but here's my opinion.

I love the hihat you have between the bass and snare. It gives it a mechanical feeling. :)

The synth is pretty much normal for trance, but that's good. I also love the bass in the intro. I was hoping it would come back in later on, but it kept quiet for the rest of the song. :(

Make sure you keep working on this!! :P

itsameyayo responds:

Darn, now that you gave me that one idea, i might have to, lol.



I'm impressed, this got my attention in a hurry!
I love how the first part is so muted, it kinda sounds like it's under a blanket.
And then the beat came in, well timed, not too repetitive . Needs expanding on imo, I never heard the first one, but there's definate;y more that could be done with this.
I think a carefully finished product could almost be on par with Envy's Heaven.
You pass mixing with an A.
Keep it up.


itsameyayo responds:

Wow, really? Thanks! I have to keep working on it though. Gah, I do need to get more creative with my sounds though. I'm not doing bad with that so far though, those drums were mine :p

-Yeah, more could be done, but I doubt I'll do it, I have another project in the mix, and I'm sure it'll be great cause it's original :)


i like it, nice mix =)

It was good, couldnt find anything really wrong
it was just alittle repetitive, but thats ok, becuase i loved that melody lolz

good job
4.31 / 5.00 (+ 0.051)

PS: Thx for review on me song adictivness =) its got alot of flaws i know xD

itsameyayo responds:

No problem, and thanks again! Just keep working on it, you'll get there. I'm not even that good yet, I have 2 years on me, that's about it :P


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Jun 14, 2008
3:12 PM EDT
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