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sodomized symphony

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Author Comments

DEATHMETAL to the max. just head bang. no vocals. please comment!!!!


Well umm

I really not sure what to say after that strange review from MattyAnime, which might get deleted. . .
But uh the music is pretty dang could. A nice solid rhythm with a very powerful drum beat.
I'd like to see more work like this.

Here ya go friend!

Figures you can’t even get a person’s quote right. Even when it’s written before your very eyes. You don’t even know how to make a defending argument, oh wait. I forgot you’re a loser, “Hardcore” Metal FAN BOY, typical 19 year old stoner. Actually Ozzy and Black Sabbath are the nsync of the metal genre. ~do you know what you call a band that is trying to get noticed by the industry? SELL OUTS this is just a D.I.Y. (do it your self) side project. ALSO all my music is free. so WHY THE FUCK WOULD I NEED THE INDUSTRY?!~ Great, another “Hardcore” dumbass who doesn’t even know the meaning of sell out. Slayer doesn’t sing like pussies huh. You DO know that Slayer put out a PUNK album [`Undisputed Attitude`] after Dave Lombardo left? You also KNOW that Tom Araya is a Christian who believes in God right? He freely admits that He does. I don’t need to tell you that Kerry King writes most of Slayers satanic lyrics. Tom just sings them because he says “I’ll go on stage and do whatever I’m not uncomfortable with”. The “genius” Tom Araya also stated he didn’t mind opening for SlipKnoT, because. He knew they had one good album in them, and their second would be difficult for them. Hmm…I do recall [`Iowa`] selling more copies than their first. One of the biggest tours in music history [Iowa Tour] selling out venues. Wasn’t Iowa also done in a harder way than any of the three? Plus most fans and haters of SlipKnoT say that Iowa was/is a very brutal album. As opposed to Slayer who just plays and sings the same shit over, and over, and over and over. Slayer is a ban-wagon -group- with the stereo-typical God hating music fad. They tried something different [`Undisputed Attitude`] and failed. So then they go back with the ~only~ way they know how. At least Corey Taylor writes his own lyrics that he sings with meaning. Yes SlipKnoT’s third album is their weakest. So what, they ARE doing what they love and. I Will pay to see them because I like their music. Yeah your “music” is free and you’re soo in tuned to Black and Death Metal. Soo much that YOU ARE THE COMMON STEREO TYPE! So you managed to look up that I like Marilyn Manson and SlipKnoT. Quoting that I should pretend I’m depressed and cut myself in my pajamas. Like the homosexual person you think I am because I listen to Marilyn Manson. YOU seem to use faggot terms A LOT. Those who often use it all the time and always accuse other’s of being gay. Are often a FAGGOT themselves [CasketGrind has yet to open his inner CLOSET]. I have no say so in Death Metal? So why do I own
1.Obituary = Frozen in time, Slowly We Rot
2. Dimmu Borgir = Death Cult Armageddon {2 disc special edition}, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia, Dimmu/Old Mans Child compilation cd.
3. Cradle of Filth = 8 albums which does not include Nymphetamine, a vinyl album of Midian from Japan which isn’t available anymore.
4. Behemoth = Demigod
5. At the Gates = Gardens of Grief, Slaughter of the Soul
and a shit load of others in Death & Black Metal. You’re just a poster boy and you’ll never be a TRUE Die Hard Metal Fan. I actually know how to read music, play all kinds of instruments, and I am gifted with perfect pitch. Unlike your PATHETIC skills and ONE TRACK MINDED equilibrium. Yeah your shit is free, and downloading it is still too much. So go back and light up some more in your Mommy and Daddy’s house. Fuck one of your 5 fantasies, put your nose boogers to your hand and suck that shit up. “Only steers and queers come from Texas, and you certainly aren’t a steer so that just about narrows it down”.

CasketGrind responds:

hahaha. slayer wouldnt mind playing with slipknot BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIENDS! yes its true. slayer members have befriended slipknot's members. big woop. im not hating their persona. who cares what slayer has put out. they play great music. i make techno on the side. i dont really like techno all that mutch but i do it anyway. and tom araya can believe in what ever he wants to believe. i actually appreciate the fact that hes a christian and he sings satanic lyrics. it shows that you can seperate music from real life. "atleast he sings with meaning" come on. stop suking his cock. who cares what bands have to say anyway? ITS JUST MUSIC. im a musician. not a poet/lyricist hahaha and dont confuse me with a black metal fan. i dislike black metal aswell.

obituary. is considered death metal by most but to me it doesnt have that death metal brutality to it. and the rest of the bands are all black metal or black metal related. like i said no say in death metal. if you wear make up or wore make up before. YOURE NOT DEATH METAL. and so your saying that i must be a faggot because i called you a faggot? it sounds like a mutated version of elementary school "i know you are but what am i" come on dude. you are just too gay to be so upset because some one dissed your music.

nice stuff

YES OTHER UNDERGROUND DEATH METAL FANS!! and none of those slipknot people who think they're the only band out there...personally i don't like them. all your tracks sound so sick. Keep up the good work.

how the fuck

how the fucks this tune got such a low score!!!!
this shit deserves to be in at least the top two FUCKIN FAG BASTARDS DONT NOW WHATS FUCKIN GOOD ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

CasketGrind responds:

the people on this site hate me because its death metal. and people here are usually like slipknot and think its the heaviest band out there. and hate the bands that proove them wrong that slipknot isnt the heaviest band out there. so they look down on me for being interested in the underground.

I'm surprised i did'nt discover this sooner!!

this is amazing!!! the martha stewert of grindcore strikes again

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Credits & Info


3.32 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2004
3:08 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
2.9 MB
3 min 1 sec

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