Byte Sizer

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Byte Sizer gets good at 1:04. Please take the time, and have the patience to listen completely before you vote.

Constructive Criticism is wanted.

Thanks for listening and enjoy!


it's pretty good

I thought that the melody was pretty catchy, but I want to say that if you threw something new in or changed up the melody once or twice, that would make it much more listen-able. And like the other reviewer said, I'm not really into the whole "wait 4 steps and then add something new" thing.

Essentially, I would like it more if it wasn't the same thing over and over.

Well, that's not really good...

You made a big mistake here: prolonging the same thing with adding a new instrument eash 4 steps. For most part people hate it, so you better be carefull with that, good song requiers a complete, but not instant, change of instruments. And the instrument you chose are kinda dull for my taste, so: sorry, but it's 3/5. Hope this review helps aswell.

ScratchBatteryMusic responds:

Yeah absolutely it helps. All these little reviews people keep writing including yourself, giving me tips to better my music are very helpful and I take them into consideration every time I got back to create another song. So thanks alot!

about your last response...

As for your instruments... that's not really all that important. Something that I learned fairly recently is that you want all your instruments to be fairly evenly spaced out on the frequency spectrum. For example, in this song you have a lot of high-pitched stuff happening. Just by making one of them an octave or two lower would make this song a lot better. Also, make an actual bass part. Just having an 808 as the bass will work for a short time, but for the girth of your song you need a punchy, low bassline.

I disagree with the previous reviewer... I do not believe that the arp thingy makes anything clash. It fits perfectly, but is completely unexpected. After all that time, the listener is expecting something happy. If you don't want this song to be happy, add a simple something to the beginning that gives the feel you want.

I hope this helps a little. Just listen to a lot of music here on newgrounds that you want to sound like and just sit and analyze it... and see if you can figure out how to sound more like it.

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ScratchBatteryMusic responds:


Thank you very much for FINALLY giving me the detailed and intricate review that i've been looking for! Your absolutely right about everything you said. And yes i've actually been finding myself studying great music a lot and understanding it. I guess a lot of my repetition (that everyone hates) comes from my affinity for Daft Punk. I'm still taking baby steps as far as music production but I learn at a rapid pace so as for my music, maturity will come!

Thank you so much again for writing this!!!


It's very repetative, which hinders the song greatly. When the synth arp thing comes in, the whole song clashes hard.

ScratchBatteryMusic responds:

Yeah your right...Damn another failed attempt.

I can't seem to find synths that go together and sound right. Maybe you have some techniques to help me out?

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Jun 11, 2008
8:09 PM EDT
New Wave
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