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Metroid Prime Zero

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After darn near 2 years, I have finallysolved many of the problems that plagued my Metroid Prime Remix. The title Metroid on here is only a sampling compared to this, this is no remix of that, that was a remix of this. And a bad one at that. It took me a very long time to solve the rendering issues I had, and I had to make a couple of sacrifices along the way, but BEHOLD! Enjoy, and DO leave reviews!

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Yep...this is going on my iPod. Very unique song. I'm very impressed with the originality. Kudos to you.

Very nice man, this is epic

I like the overall feel of this piece.
Especially I like the little bouncy synth that seems like it is typically used in a dance song, but you managed to mix it and put it into this more ambient song, giving it that complex feel and overall neat countermelody. (Talking about the synth first heard at like 0:53).

At 2:55 it really changed, for a minute I thought the song was gonna have a heavy bass kick and start pumpin the volume, but then the heroic type synth came in with the main theme, which I think should have faded out into that really cavelike feeling part right afterwords, it was a little abrubt as is =P, although the second time it doesn't feel as abrupt because of the high string synths.

I would of also liked to hear a filtered long snare on every other second beat of the measure or so, SIMILAR but not quite the same as the one from Hell Space...kinda hard for me the explain what I'm trying to get at.

Also I like alot of the cool ambient effects and sounds you have going on all the time that mostly aren't noticed, but just had that nice textured element to the song.

AH, I LOVE YOUR PIANO! I don't know what you use for your piano font, but it is awesome man.

Now I'm just picturing playing metroid...and hell yeah this goes right with it, feels very much so like im playing metroid, once again i love the synth at 2:22.

Although, I think an ambient pad or vague cymbal rolls would have helped you at that part once the "heroic" synth comes in.

Just not noticed that at like 3:25 you have one of those filtered snarey sounds I was talking about, although it almost sounds like a vox, cool =).

That is about all I can think of to say, great work man, tell me when your next one comes out if I don't notice it before you tell me, cause I'm going on vacation.

Keep it up,

Aresdev responds:

As always, I appreciate the review! There were indeed a few problems encountered during production of this piece. One of the problems was sofe of the time manipulation of some of my tracks. I had to cut a few synth and fx, or replace them because they became corrupt once the time was shifted. I was going for abruptness on that one part, because that tends to happen in Metroid, :P

I spent so much time on this thing though. I want to try and figure up anoither one, that is unique to me, but Metroid inspired. I've actually been too busy being in movies and such to make much music lately, but I will soon!

Ah, the original!

...I'd have to say it does sound a lot better/different than your song titled "Metroid". there seems to be more of a variety in your instrument choices, giving it a more deep tone than the other. I'm also glad you didn't keep the same melody going, yet still had an underlying theme that coincided with the rest of the song.
......sorry for that random comment, but listening to this made me realize how well you could remix some of Metroid Prime's real songs.
btw-despite the fact that this is ambientish, I loved it nonetheless. keep up the good work, and hopefully your songs will only get better from here!
---The Fair Reviewer---

Aresdev responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! I'm actually working on an actual remix right now. Sort of. It is a different sort of remix. I also don't have the programs necessary for a full blown remix especial. We'll see!

Liked the old one!

This is TOO ambient

Although that's basically what Metroid is!

But this is bad ambient

Where you hear too much!

Aresdev responds:

I'm sorry it wasn't to your liking. I had this shelved for quite a while due to computer issues, so thanks for killing my buzz! I plan on doing more Metroid, so maybe I can satisfy your tastes better the next time around. Thanks for the review!

Lost Myself

I left this running in the back and totally forgot it was even there. It wasn't intrusive, it felt very pleasant... I love it. Nice ambiance, good work music. I was never a huge Metroid fan, never mind Prime, but the alien atmosphere is definitely here. Very nicely done. The only complaint I have is that the main synth seems a bit loud compared to everything else, but I tend to zone in on the hig-pitched sounds, so it may jsut be my way of hearing things.

Aresdev responds:

Well, for as long as this project was shelved, I expected a little better. Maybe I should rework it a little more.

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Jun 11, 2008
1:28 AM EDT
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