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Author Comments

EDIT: Thanks to everyone on NG for listening, but I'm now trying to make some money off of my music.
The remastered version of this song is at: http://www.sycrossmusic.c om .


Let's start off by stating that I am a complete n00b when it comes to music.

I have absolutely no knowledge in music theory, and I have never taken music lessons for any instrument. I am also completely new to using synthesizers, VSTs, D.A.W.s, etc.

Basically, I write by just messing around on my piano until I have something which I think sounds good. This is the 5th song I've written so far, but this is the only one which I feel might meet Newgrounds' standards.

I plan to get this song recorded, and I already have some friends lined up to play for my "band."

I hope you like the song! Please rate and review.


A wonderful song.

BlazingDragon has deprived me of much to really critique without sounding repetitive. But yes, I would say improve on the things that he noted and the song would be even better than it already is. The only thing I guess I could add is that maybe add a bridge, and also maybe make the ending not so.............. simple?
Great job nonetheless. Keep it up!

-HFX ^_^

Sycross responds:

Yes, BlazingDragon's reviews are always amazingly helpful. I appreciate your additional comments, though, and I may edit this in the future. Glad you liked it!



I'm not going to write a GIANT review like good ol BlazingDragon but I will say, why haven't you done any more!!? This is amazing in my ears, a true joy to listen to.
You have made my day.

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Sycross responds:

Thanks, your review made my day too! Anyway, I have been working on a number of new songs, but I haven't actually finished any of them yet. I am mostly focusing on rehearsing with my group so that we can get my music recorded. Writing for an actual group has posed a challenge for me, as I am finding it difficult to write for 6 different instruments. I'll be sure to upload a new song as soon as I'm done with it.


This is awesome!

I really dig this piece. Considering you have such little music experience, I am very impressed.

-You've got a strong sense of harmony going here, which is something a lot of people lack. I can hear various voices (parts) fitting together beautifully as a whole without clashing. The chord progression is great!
-I like the melody quite a bit. It is often rhythmically driven and fun to follow along.
-The subtleties in this are fun to pick out! The piano is on the quiet side, but I can definitely notice its presence. The acoustic guitar is cool as well. I heard one instrument that I liked, but couldn't identify what it was due to the low volume on it. I would almost say it is pizzicato strings, but am not sure. It is a single pitch which just repeats, and it is one of the higher sounds.

-Get better samples and do some tweaking! I don't know what software you are using, but it sounds "dry". If possible, add some reverb to the instruments. This will especially help the strings, which almost sound midi-like. :( If you need help with this, I might be able to help depending on the software you use. I know a bit about FL Studio if you use it.
-Dynamics go a long way. You've got different sections to add variety, such as at 1:12 when the piano begins to take the spotlight. It would benefit these parts so much more if you tweaked the dynamics to add further contrast. For instance, you could have brought the volume way down at the part I mentioned and slowly crescendoed upward. Dynamics are hugely important in drums, as they can become monotonous very quickly.
-The percussion isn't bad, but it could use tweaking. It would sound much more driven and alive if you would accent certain beats. This all goes back to what I said about dynamics.
-Sorry, but the ending ruined it. :P The bass notes in the piano cut out after about half a second. Being a piano-lover, this saddened me. :(

As a whole, this is great and I see plenty of potential. The samples aren't of the best quality, and I understand how expensive sample libraries can be. However, there are MANY free samples out there which will get the job done. Combine these with some reverb and EQ; you'll have a masterpiece! Once again, I'm very impressed to hear great music from someone claiming to have such little experience. :)


PS. As I said before, PM me if you have any questions with software or samples. I would be more than happy to help out with the more technical stuff, such as mastering. (Though I'm not exactly an expert)

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Sycross responds:

Hey, thanks for the positive review! I completely agree with your suggestions, and I am aware that I need to add more dynamics and such. I will definitely try to work this out when I actually get this recorded. Right now I just put the synthesized version up to see what people think. I am actually having the first rehearsal with my group of instrumentalists today, and am very excited by the prospect of actually being able to form a "band." Being one of my favorite artists, this really means a lot to me. Thanks again.

Edit: I think the instrument you are talking about is the acoustic guitar.... I guess it just sounds weird.

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Jun 10, 2008
2:45 PM EDT
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