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Faultering Innocence (DEMO 2)

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Author Comments

The strings in the previous demo sounded HORIBLE, so...

I fixed a few things, which made it longer XD, and as you can see, reposted it.

Now, I'm not done.

Apparently I'm far from it, seeing as how I have to get the hang of this term called "mastering"...=/

So if all goes well, my 6+ demos should sound pretty...

HAWT =3...or MASTERED, whichever sounds better.

But then again...*shrugs*


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nice midi rip here. just kidding.

Just to show you I'm not here to just be an asshole, I thought I would leave a more "helpful" review. I probably should of not left my review yesterday because in fact the majority of your stuff is original content.

First off, a 6 in my scoring system is above average. Not solid, but above average.

You've definetly got some good content in here. Certainly, you've the concept of making a solid composition down. No complaints in this department. Some of the melodies were real nice, it reminds me of a friendly ice cave of sorts. Would work great in a flash game. I could go on praising you about the individual bits in the song, but I won't. Criticism is what you need to get better. (Not a useless review like the guy below me, no offense) I guess the drums could use more variation, they have no transitions or anything. Try using snare and tom fills and crashes just to break the repetition. But I'm not worrying about that.

What you need is better sounds. More clarity.

Regarding this track- good usage of synths, presets or not they fit the theme well and work nicely together.

Triented gives some splendid advice so I won't bother repeat what he has said.
The first glassy, thin plucked synth has too much echo. You can use the matrix to disable one of the FX, or just turn down the time knob down on of the delay controls. It's a professional designed preset, so the delay will sync properly, but it sounds messy, and distracting. I know you said you remastered, but there's some obvious clipping when the synth bass comes in. Watch it closely on the master channel, make sure it doesn't hit the red. Mess with the threshold levels and try to get it as loud as possible without it going into the red territory. You can also uses some multiband compression to see where it specifically clips, and apply compression from there. Fruity parametric EQ, lower the specific filters until you see the channel is no longer peaking. All else fails, slap on soft clipper on the master channel.

Some links that will help you tremendously in this blog post:

http://rig.newgrounds.com/news/post/5 1644

Also, the forums on newgrounds for audio are generally helpful. KVRaudio is great too for the more technical stuff.

If you're looking for more organic realistic sounds, you can try using soundfonts. A lot of that can be found by searching for an instrument that you are looking for. If you want a specific one, let me know and I can point you in a good direction.

You said you were going to decide to tweak the sytrus synths, and I applaud you for that. Sytrus is very complex, so you might want to try making your synths in 3xosc first. A simple program, yet powerful. Use the controls to design your synth and send it to a mixer channel and run it through some FX. Just a thought. So you get more used to what different waveforms sound like and you get a grasp on how to use basic fitlers, envelopes, and LFO modulation.

btw, just to make sure you got your terms correct, mastering is making the track "professional", making sure all the levels are correct and clear so they would sound great on all systems - headphones, home speakers, car speakers, PA systems, etc. Mixing just refers to adjusting the EQ levels, panning, busing, etc. just making it generally sound nice but not yet ready to be sold on a CD at a professional level.

I completey agree with triented- originality comes from the heart, it cannot be teached. I probably (definetly ;)) have more knowledge than you, but you're twice the composer I am. If you just got good with engineering aspects of music, such as synthesis and mixing, you would be great. Honestly, I'd rather listen to this smooth atmospheric music which focuses on deep melodical ideas over a cheezy DnB track by ParagonX9, because her music just doesn't do it for me, as popular as it may be.

SkatingIsGenetic responds:

Lol ok.

First of all, let me apologize, because I shouldn't have left you the comments that I did.

I was slightly frustrated, but anger from another source led me to bash on you like I did, which made me more of the jerk.

Secondly, thanks so much for this!

This is probably the longest review I've ever gotten, from anyone mind you, that gave me so many helpful tips.

Mastering, on any and all levels, is something I struggle a lot with, along with so many other things. And I understand what you mean about it sounding good on any system. I'll supposedly "master" something, and if I listen to it on an IPOD it may sound perfect, but if I listen to it in a car or anywhere else, it sounds like crap.

So I will definitley try to work on that, and I'll take your advice and start working with 3xosc. This isn't the first time I've been told to use that, so I guess I should take the hint.

And yes, I agree with you whole-heartedly about knowledge. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm an amateur (I've been making music for less than a year). So I hope I will someday be able to give an upcoming musician the kind of tips and amazing advice that you have just given me.

Many thanks!

Another great song!

I must say I love your stuff!!

SkatingIsGenetic responds:

And I must say, I am very flattered.

Glad you liked! =3

And thanks for reviewing!

Master this.

You really do need to get a hang of master.
That means getting rid of the crackle that I hear in my speakers.
It sounds great as a song.
But if it was EQed better, it would be perfect, take it a bit down on that high mid.
A little bit of bass goes up, low mid, goes down some.
I won't get very specific, because you might over shoot.
But use Parametric EQ.
The bass that kicks in around 2:10 I really don't like, because it's drowning out the sound of alot of the song.
Basses can be real sound hoggers when not mastered right.
The melody and tune are amazing.
You are a great composer, if you do better on your mastering, you will become even better.
Nice use of strings.
I'm hearing another drown out around 4:50, fix that too.
Parametric EQ2 is a really good EQing tool, it provides you with a great spectrum to show you where you need to fix your sounds.
Anyways, this song would be 80% Golden if mastered right.

Originality does not come in a package brother. It comes from the mind, which means you should brush up on your synth skills. Avoid presets, and get a new pack of drums.
Sytrus is very extensive, yet very confusing, take a look at some presets, and mess around with their fetures to get a hang of sytrus.


Good job


SkatingIsGenetic responds:

Nice man!

Good information!

I'll make sure the next song I put out has minimal to no presets.

I just never seem to want to make the time to mess around with it.

I do it every now and then but I get frustrated with the results, so I just hope back on presets.

I guess now I'll see how long my patience can hold out.

Thanks for the review man!

interesting sounding!

bells are really relaxing.. i'd say add some drums in as the 2nd instrument heard then a bass! other then that this is a really cool sounding ambient song.. it can also be pretty earrie if used in the right fashon!


SkatingIsGenetic responds:

Ha, some good info!.

I'll bear it in mind!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Jun 10, 2008
7:45 AM EDT
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