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Lux Aeterna (rndom breaks mix)

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Author Comments

This piece was originally intended for a short movie that never made it to the screen, it stills lack its intro and outro but let's say it goes straight to the point.

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i have two woa, for two person, 1 is for you , of course,
1 is for the person under me, hes a typing maniac,
and i envy you both
onto review of this song
im loven' kissin this song!
it sound awesome
may i ask you to do the intro and outro for me please?


thanks for checking out my song :)

btw, this isn't house, but that's irrelevant to the song. yeah, there isnt any category on NG like breakbeats that would fit, so whatevs.

haha i remember hearing this song on the trailer for sunshine a while back, such a ridiculously dramatic song lulzzzzz.

onto the reviewwww!
I thought that this was overall very solid. the beat is strong, the strings are set a definately pensive yet scary and anticipatory mood, and the glitchy drumwork throughout was clean, sweet, and a great ambient choice. and nice pumping bassline! that's definately a plus. here are some suggestions for improvement:

the song stayed a bit constant throughout. i think that it could have used some more variation to spice it up--from the beginning to the end, the it seemed like the tone stayed more or less constant, the melodies the same, except for the lead melody synth changing from chimes and cellos to the dramatic strings.

while i see that you might have been going for a more subtler, pensive feel, i really thought that the repeated notes on the strings called for escalation and intensity.

a possible way to do this--ramp up in intensity as the song goes on in ways apart from adding instruments. try distorting the thick bassline and letting it rise a bit, or edit the strings samples and chord them up [yeah... that takes work to retain the sound of the strings, but i think it'd be worth it]. make the drum arrangement itself grow intense, and if you feel particularly melodramatic, maybe throw in some tempo changes. idk, these are jst a bunch of random suggestions, but i felt like there should have been a ramp up in intensity and a change in mood.
i think you were really good on this end, though i have some suggestions. the snare every other beat got lost in the mix, its way too soft and unimposing. i think that a tight snare with some compression would sound good--because otherwise the beat seems a little unbalanced and a little less interesting than it could be.

i liked the hat rolls. those were great, but what i'd do is shorten the attack on the hats [compressor again yay!!] and their length when they roll like that because it seems muddled like a long string of shakers or something. that, or use an alternate closed hat sample. if they were more defined individual hats it would sound better, IMO.

I liked how something was playing every 16th note, pretty much, giving it a nervous and anticipatory feel. what i would do, though, is change the style of glitching as it goes through--i wish i heard some different SFX, some different kinds of glitching. try listening to some good IDM songs to get a feel of what i mean--it constantly changes, and it makes it all the more interesting.


bring up the strings a bit more at the pensive moments of the song, when the violins play lower, and the cellos and basses come into play, and bring up the chimes/synthier elements when teh strings are dramatic--they play a game where sometimes one's lost in the mix, and sometime the other is.

the bassline, maybe try boosting higher frequencies on it. that might sound interesting/crispier/texture-ier.

same goes for the bass drum, IMO, or try layering it to give it some texture

and that is all!

== /constructive crit

so, overall, gj! you really set the mood, but with some tweaking, this could be even awesomer. woooo

arandomdj responds:

Many thanx for the in-depth review, appreciate the good feedback. I myself think too there should be more genres listed here on Newgrounds, i put this on House since i felt like this particular breakbeat genre fits in the progressive-house breaks. This song had to be trimmed down to fit on a particular scene of the short movie it was intended, so that's why i had to leave some parts out of this final version ( i agree it needs a tension builder). I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the mastering and final mix. It's something i'm still understanding, discovering and learning from helpful people like you :) , i`ve always focused more on the creative part than on the tech side of my projects, but now that i'm getting better at it i realize both parts should be important.
You have great ideas, you know!, i was thinking on adding a lil bit more of cutoff on the sidechained bass or any other synths, as well as some other longer FX to achieve the tension building and come up with a more dramatic break down that way. I did have to listen to some IDM tracks and some trip hop tunes, just to get on the mood, since i generally do more punchy stuff, those gave me the idea for building my drumset, i tried a lot of snares but listening to some downtempo i thought the rimshots suited the breaks, but as you say, on the final mix this were kinda lost. I don't know what else to say except that you're an excellent reviewer. Thanks again, you make me try harder


it was vey enjoyable i liked it alot.

arandomdj responds:

thanks goron master didn't expect a high grade from a big slayer and cannibal corpse fan, that makes me happy because most of the not house or electronica oriented fans always tend to be harsh on coments

Did listen....

and downloaded it after 10 sec ;)

arandomdj responds:

hope you enjoyed it

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4.93 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2008
3:45 AM EDT
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3.4 MB
3 min 46 sec

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