The YuYu (8bitey)

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Ok, so this is an 8bit (or Bitey... or is that too bad?) of the song from Adam Phillips' masterpiece, The YuYu.

The music was originally composed by Peter "Spider" Stacey from The Pogues.

I took a crack at it :)


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well, what can i say... the music is cool

I love Brackenwood, so I`m obviously giving a good rating. And I can really hear the original in it and not just a completly new thing. And by the way if you look in the credits you can see this is called Bitey`s theme.

4/5 Rating

You captured the song quite well but I had to turn down the speakers because I believe it was just a tiny bit too high pitched. I really like Adam Phillips animations, and I very much enjoy Peter Stacey's work, so I had very little trouble enjoying this.

Good job, but you might wanna tone down that pitch.

i don't really like this

if i were u i'd put the original

Thats only a part i hear

i sometimes whistle this and u missed many of tones. this is imposibble to play this only one tone for sec, so this is not FULL theme, but a good piece of work congrats