Reasoner- Morning Light

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{EDIT} Well I have severely underestimated my fans at NewGrounds. Only two weeks after being submitted and it's already on the front page of the AP. Thank you very much everyone for your support and encouragement.

This was an old one I did almost 6 years ago after I had finished high school and had just started college. I found it recently on an old jump drive. Try to forgive it for its simplicity (and lack of decent drum sequencing).

This was all done with FruityLoops ver 3.0. That's right peeps, it hadn't been dubbed FL Studio quite yet. I believe this was the first version where they introduced the piano roll. Geez I feel old now. The piano was with some kind of free vst you could download from their site at the time. I forgot what it was called. My roommate, Seth, provided the guitar towards the middle. He's since moved on to law school and will be rocking hard with copyright law on his side. Go man go!

Anyways,,,,I don't expect you to vote this favorably. I just wanted to preserve it since it serves as a reminder to me as to how much my sound has grown from it.

P.S....I'm well aware of the cheesy fade out. Give me a break today ;-)



and he says we wont vote this favorably...let the voting up to us mah boy^^. we dont care when its made. we are jsut happy u share another brilliant piece of work^^ was very busy from school and this piece of music made me cheer up when hearing it. (wich is strange cause i have still quite some things to do xD)
also i agree with Echonite before me. this belongs in the realm of awesmness like your other pieces
10/10 5/5

keep up the good work and make more

Reasoner responds:

haha well,,,,my fans have proven me wrong yet again with their votes. I am very grateful to everyone who likes me enough to spend a few minutes of their time listening in. Thanks for stopping by.


It gives a feeling of happiness to me and I hope that everyone can feel it too. All your songs are for taking things further. I know that you will make more and better


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Reasoner responds:

I'll certainly try. Thanks for stopping by.

You were good back then too

When comparing this to your more recent works, I can tell there's been improvement. But this still an amazing piece. The only thing I could possibly say that was wrong with it is the slightly repetitive melody at the beginning, but since it's such a beautiful piece of the song, it doesn't really matter how repetitive it is.

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This really suits for the morning , its morning now in sweden and im listing to it ;) , so the name fits and its really good and relaxing.

More greatness!

It is amazing what can be done and what we can force out of older equipment, programs, etc. I still have all my olf Reel to Reel tapes that I made from radio broadcasts back in the 60's and 70's. I am slowly iusing a wave editor to clean them up and save as MP3's Nothing wrong with the fade out. Listen to some older music; that was just the way it was done then. Nothing says it has to be flashy. I am just going to have to download all of your material so I can have some soothing music to listen to as I drive nearly 2 hours home from work each day. You should take pride it this piece donw with fas less sophisticated programs than are available today and look at the quality. Everyone else who has listened and reviewed it seems to think there is nothing wrong with it. I don't either. Great stuff. Thanks.

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Jun 3, 2008
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