Whales, Whales, Whales

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I made this song to test out some new native instrument software as well as the acoustic guitar sample from FL 8, even though I have FL 6, yay

I know, song doesnt go anywhere, but it seems to be content where it is, any other issues with it please let me know

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Good, but not great.

Good overall presentation. I liked the sound at 00:57, and the echoes at 01:16, and the ending. What would have made this song better in my opinion would be some metal guitar. Also some good drums would take this to the next level. Once again good, but not great.

Work on it a bit :)


MusicIsBliss responds:

i have tried a million times to get good metal guitar, both real and fake, but i can never get a good sound.

drums are slowly improving about the same speed as mixing.

Why Whales?

A very nice tune that I think is nice to listen to in the background of whatever you care to be doing. It's busy, but not in an overly distracting way and it has some nice variation in, to keep it from being monotonous.

The other tool of variation that you've used nicely is the different instruments and even tempos that you've used. It brings a whole new level of performance to the tune, as some parts are playing slower, but blending in just a nice with the rest.

I'd have had a part in the middle, where you fade out the main melody and had just the backing beat, for example, as you did it the other way around and that workied nicely. Maybe a minute later, you just stop the melody and the counter melody and leave us with the beat. Everyone needs a solo ;)

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MusicIsBliss responds:

thanks for the awesome reveiw.
first off, have you ever played bubble bobble. There are these whales that fly around, this idea then mixed with the falling whale from hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. Now the idea turned into whales flying around the air, shooting machine guns and missles like a WWII dogfight, and that is what this song made me randomly think about at some point.

I usually try to make my songs not repeditive, but i usually have the issue of not being able to go from a verse to a chorus and so forth, i dont know why, but it is my biggest music problem, I also never change tempo and rarely change key, i really need to work on this. A soft part would have probably been a good idea, but i was pretty power hungry when I made this song, there are about 4 muli-band compressers, 7 regular compessors and limiters, and rediculous amounts of EQ sidechaining. ever since guitar hero In have wanted to make a guitar solo and a drum solo, but lack the skills to write one.


I liked this alot, the sheer volume of the start is really cool, and it seems to be building up to something, then what sounded like guitar kicked it, completely overpowering the previous part, with steady drums in the backround. Its original and really cool. i liked it.


MusicIsBliss responds:

thanks, i was trying to make it powerful while slightly layed back

Good Tune

I kind of like this tune, although it doesn't really sound like it's going very far for most part and it is quite loud as well as busy, but that's okay. A few soft parts might be nice to have, but not really needed. The intro isn't too long which is good to hear, I don't like waiting, lol. So yes, the build up to the main part is done very well, good work on that.

Much of the main part after the intro sounds a little repetitive, but not so much so, as there are some changes through the whole thing which is good to hear. The ending part also seems to be very good, ends pretty softly and the fade out for this is good too. Nice work overall.



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MusicIsBliss responds:

This song really didnt go anywhere, i made the main choir riff, then the guitar riff, then the synths just filled in space, even though they leaded everything. and about the soft parts, i was trying to make this song as annoyingly loud as possible, open it in a sound editing program and it just looks like a big rectangle of sound.

Quite different and cool

Woah, now that's how you do a song. As has been said before at first I thought it was gonna be another repetitive song. But once you hear the first strum of a guitar it's amazing. Loved the dance background and the drums, fast paced and beautiful sounding. Worked well under the main guitar riff. Using the same few bars as the intro and outro worked extremely well too. Only compliant would be the loudness of the guitar initially. Seems to overpower the rest of the track, other than that, it's great :D

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MusicIsBliss responds:

haha thanks.
Yeah, i actually tuned the begining of the guitar down a bit, but it probably was nowhere near enough, especially for something with such a strong attack. Im not sure what genre this really is, but i tried to mingle a few good ones together for this kind of feel, glad you liked it

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Jun 3, 2008
2:00 AM EDT
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