Whales, Whales, Whales

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I made this song to test out some new native instrument software as well as the acoustic guitar sample from FL 8, even though I have FL 6, yay

I know, song doesnt go anywhere, but it seems to be content where it is, any other issues with it please let me know


Interesting, I must review this song

Nice upbeat melody in the main body of the song. The intro was simply smashing. Then you used the gate effect and the guitar starts in. That was pretty kool. Then after the third instrument somes in the songs creates a more mysterious feeling. Overall a very good song.

Suggestiongs: I think some of the instruments are clashing. I'm not entirely sure. But other than that this was a pretty awesome song.

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MusicIsBliss responds:

thanks for the review.
I usually make my songs happy, but my main focus with drums is to make them sound less happy because it is always TOO upbeat.
and yeah, the gating was one of my favourite parts.

instruments are clashing a bit, i tried to avoid it as much as i could, but at some point in the song, all 3 instruments are leads, so it was hard to make them all stand out in their own way, the struggle i shall continue fighting forever.


At first I thought that this is going to be a very repititve song, but after those guitars set in, I had to change my mind. ^^

I like the melody you created with the guitars, it sounds very interesting.
Also, the rest of the instruments really fit into there.

I think that the snyth that starts at aorund 0:52 gets a bit too prominent during the song, maybe you can turn down the volume of that part a little bit.

{ Review Request Club }

MusicIsBliss responds:

I agree with the synth being too strong, basically my goal for this song was to see how loud of a song I could make (take that dynamic range), but yeah, my fear kept being that it would be too repeditive, i'm glad it isn't

For what it was made for

it sounds really cool. The instruments are an interesting choice, although, I have to say that I'm not a fan of the guitar sound. I'd prefer to hear it made more digital sounding through effects, FL give it to you so that it sounds in between trying to be realistic and digital. But that was a minor issue, it still sounded pretty cool amongst the other instruments. The progression of the piece was nice, the adding on of instruments at the start was good, and the change to the single note for each chord on the guitar was good. I didn't like the main guitar riff, the melody was jumping around too much, and it gave off a bit of a random feel. I'd suggest keeping a couple of those melodic leaps in there, but change some of them so that they move in step sequence, and it flows a lot more evenly, especially considering that it's in the bass, and the melody is playing over top of it. I'd love to see some more variation in this piece, a new melody in the lead, somewhere in the middle, but for that smooth ambient type sound, you did a really good job, I'm just being pretty picky about it.
Keep it up!
-Review request club- (lol first review for the club in a loooooong time)

MusicIsBliss responds:

thanks, and yay for first in a while
and picky is good, i need it
yeah, still got to find the guitar sound that suits me

Nice song

This is an interesting chioce of title as well as track.

What i liked was it was diffrent ,i thought it was about whales but it was not. What i liked was how it began quite soft, then quite quickly it got louder and sounded like you used guitars. It had a nice effect to it and did feel actually maybe it could come from the sea. As whales make lovely sounds it was nice the blends ,you used various beats to it but they all went together nicely. It was a nice track uplifting and cheerful.

Nothing i could not find any flaws her apart from was this about whales?

review request club

MusicIsBliss responds:

call me crazy, but i had an image of whales flying around like jets, having a dogfight in the air...
the beginning would be them just cruising
and then the guitar and synth were the battle

Weird, but I liked it

It sounded a bit weird, but I liked it. Especially liked the part that started at about 1:00. Keep up the good work =)

Overall 8 out 10, 4 out of 5.

~Auz, Review Request Club

MusicIsBliss responds:

good enough for me, so you are more of an electronics person than guitar, most people on ng are it seems to be

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