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Unattainable Freedom

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Man, I've been pumping out almost a song a day lately! They aren't all worthy of putting up, but it feels good to be back in my groove now that school is out. Hopefully, I should continue on like this through the summer and add an ample amount of substance to my account.

Anyway, I got really bored today and started this song. I opened the FL Studio 8 demo, and began with a simple C minor arpeggio. It just took off from there, and this is the result. I'd like too know if the electric bass is too loud, though? Also, do you think it loops alright? Any comments, criticism, or suggestions are much appreciated!

Thanks in advance, I look forward to hear from you all! :D

PS. I just changed the name from "The Conflict Within" thanks to a review I received. It inspired me to rename this, "Unattainable Freedom". Here is the image I get when I listen to this (based on a review I recieved below).

As the song starts, a young girl sits in a prison cell staring into the evening sky through barred windows. Confined by the cold prison walls, she remains alone...Isolated...She had done no wrong; an innocent victim. A prisoner of war in a cruel world. As the song speeds up, a warm tear from her right eye rolls slowly down her cheek as she watches the birds fly by. Amidst the beautiful sunset sky they fly freely together, bathed in the fading sunlight. She envies those birds. Without restriction they soar into the heavens, free amidst their own kind. As the song slows again, the birds fade into the horizon, and the girl looks down at the cold cobblestone ground. With her hope at its end, she again pears into the now starry sky, yearning for an Unattainable Freedom.

EDIT: I just gave the strings a little more prominence, tweaked the bass, and added some string harmonies at the beginning and end. I would use strings more often in my music, but all I have is the default FL Studio string soundfont, and I'm not a big fan. Do you guys know of any good, free string samples? Thanks!

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Everything About This Piece is Flawless. Great Job!

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you! :D

I love this piece there is so much emotion behind it, the way I picture this song is a man has to make two difficult choices in his life that will effect how his life will be forever, as he sits there pondering on which path to take he is weighing up each option but eventually see's that either path he leads down there will only be heart ache and problems caused so he can't win

BlazingDragon responds:

Sounds like your video. I'm glad this fit what you were looking for! :)

It's almost as if the man you speak of is trapped. He'll be hurt no matter which path he chooses, and he can't free himself from such a scenario. He wants freedom. A way out. An alternate road. But he has to choose. In that sense your story is kind of like mine. Both the man in yours and the little girl in mine desire freedom but find it unattainably out of reach. That agony of being powerless alongside the desire for freedom is what this piece is about.

DUDE amzing

YOU NEED TO REMASTER THIS SONG, ITS AWSOME AND LITEBING TO IT OU COULD IMPROVE SOUND QUALITY TOO like the plucked bass needs to be a string bass or a trombone, the strings could be a cello for a more seaprate feeling of hope and saddness, and an additions of drums and crashing cybals in near a quuarter is a must it has so much potential you could length en it to an Abca pattern of melodys for A. being sadness, there shouldnt be to much brass in section A. i think the melody would be placed well for a grand piano, B. Desperation should be apearent and cellos and string bass should aspiration in the melodty a brass istruments could harmonize with the cello or a piano(perably a range of C1-C2) and cybals and big drums should hit the anocassional upbeat-eighth-eighth pattern to enthsize a strong feeling of twisted pridedeep within that you tear away ur soul to fulfill, C. hope, now you feel your cold heart warming to the sights and sounds of familiar yet distant happieness you cling to what a fragment brings , its should drop most brass and strings should harmonize, drum shuold leave, maybe a coupol chimes could add a pleasing self heart warming effect, and melody should now be placed in the grand piano with a maybe a now roboto. tempo and maybe a key change,C. should also have lasting heartbreaking feeling like that you know it will never happen but you want him to keep hoping. and finaly temo change to A. not to slow maybe 60-78 tempo to empathise a relaspe in his emotions and a cresendo to the starting tempo of this peiceat the end to make it loop nicely.

well im blown away and perphaps carried away, yeah i have horrid sepelling and grammer my vocab is nih, but i hope you see this and Try you it could be the most sucsessful song to date on newgrounds plus the David Orr is a two bit peice of crap(he has a pretty high voting power and blamms everything new and then he submits something and he 5's it so we never have a chance, maybe you could get recoa nition i mean your a lost newgrounds classical artisht this could bring you back better than ever.

once again sorry for speliing and grammer and i hope to god you see this :D

BlazingDragon responds:

I see a lot of great ideas here and would be glad to implement them. The problem is that I no longer have the midi or project file to this piece. I could rewrite it, but I'd have to transcribe it by ear first. Also, I don't have any stellar piano sounds. I hope to purchase East West's piano library during the summer. Maybe at that point I'll go back and rework a lot of my songs. Thanks for the stellar awesome review. :D (I wouldn't say I'm close to being up there with David Orr. Hopefully in time I will be)

wow....uterlly amazing...

you have really good music man....this being the best in my opinion...you music seems 2 b mostly sad though...i hope everything in yur life is alright : ) if its not that sorry its just the first thing that came to mind....please make more : )

BlazingDragon responds:

Sad times in my life have definitely inspired sad pieces of music. Thank you for your kind review.

Great story behind this

I really feel the mood of the story and the story told behind the music is great. The way the music gets very warm in the middle (as you said) makes our hopes get up and how it ends just tops it off by slowly bringing us back from it. The ending was great, love the way it all goes full circle basically... but that might explain why it's a loop :P. STILL this is great! good job

BlazingDragon responds:

What you described is exactly what I was going for. Desperation, hope, and then the feeling of sheer sadness. An ever repeating cycle...It was a blast to compose.

Thanks for reviewing. :)

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Jun 3, 2008
12:00 AM EDT
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