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Metal Gear Solid - Opening

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This is a remix of the opening song from Metal Gear Solid 1, "THE BEST IS YET TO COME". You know? The celtic sounding one that was just incredibly bad ass. In the future I'd like to add vocals but right now it's simple and only an instrumental. But good times. This is one of my favorite things I remixed. :)

Sidepoint: I would have appropriately titled this mix "Metal Gear Solid - The Best is Yet to Come (TRANCE REMIX)" but NewGrounds didn't have enough room in the title. ha.

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I am one of the biggest metal gear solid fans out there, and im sorry, but this dosent sound anything like "the best is yet to come" and i sometimes have the origianal on loop on my ipod. im sorry, but im going to have to give it a 4...

strike911 responds:

This is a rearrangement according to my style. I could never copy the original song exactly, nor would I want to: I love the original track. That said, like any number of other artists do, I've put my own spin on the song. To try and listen to this song with the view that I'm attempting to mimic the track is just plain wrong. This is a rearrangement. And when you say it sounds nothing like it, that isn't necessarily accurate either. I've used the same melody structure (sans vocals). I appreciate your review, however, I don't think you're listening to the song as it was intended. I'm not a mimic. I am my own individual that enjoys paying homage to older video game tracks by putting my own spin on them. Again, I appreciate your review, though I feel your statement "this doesn't sound anything like [the track]" is fundamentally wrong, as I listened to the original song note by note to to carefully copy the melody. Thanks.


As far as I can tell this sounds nothing like the best is yet to come, that was a beautiful song and this is just... random techno. Why would you profane the name of such a wonderful song by comparing it to this?

strike911 responds:

I think calling this remix "random techno" is not necessarily an accurate representation of this rearrangement. The track accurately uses the same melody and chromatic structures of the original song, in which I have put my own personal, electronic spin on the tune. Sure the vocals aren't in my rearrangement, but so what? It's a rearrangement for that very purpose! If that's not your cup of tea you are surely entitled to your opinion, however to say that this track doesn't use the original melody (or as you said, "sounds nothing like [it]") only demonstrates that you must not remember what the actual melody sounded like. Moreover, to say this "profanes the name" of anything is just a troll statement that only makes you sound ridiculous. This is an electronic inspired, instrumental rearrangement of "The Best is Yet to Come," it is not a midi rip with new instruments or synths; it is an electronic rearrangement. Again, if its not your cup of tea, I welcome your review to say so constructively; however, I fundamentally disagree with the way you have chosen to review this piece because you may dislike the genre. Your review is just plainly false with little real criticism of the track outside of your own baseless opinions and trolling. And to be completely honest, the genre in which this track represents is nothing close to "techno" as you put it (much less "random techno" whatever that might be). I assure you I deliberately made choice decisions when rearranging this track. Again, I welcome all reviews of my remixes, but what I don't welcome are silly trolling comments that include baseless facts and silly emotion based statements about the work I put into my rearrangement of "The Best is Yet to Come". Your just trolling. This is my rearrangement based on my preferences and my musical taste. If you created something and put it online, I don't think you would appreciate anyone using a tone similar to yours either. And the entire reason for this giant paragraph is merely to prove that your username is the most humble and aptly titled username I've come across.

Good but...

This sounds more like the Metal Gear theme, then the Metal Gear Solid theme. The difference is that Metal Gear was back on the NEs and SNES. When it moved to Playstation, that's when they integrated Solid into the name. I forget what it was for, but I know it had nothing to do with Snakes name being Solid Snake.

strike911 responds:

This is not the Metal Gear Solid theme nor any previous Metal Gear music. This is the song "The Best if yet to Come" which was featured in the beginning of Metal Gear Solid's opening movie. I appreciate your score. Thanks.

nice dude

sweet tune man very nice.


Its been a while since I played the original MGS, so I dont remember how that song went but this is badd asssss anyway so i give it a 10!

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Jun 2, 2008
1:49 AM EDT
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