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Agang Hoe

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Yah kno I been holdin 'diss' bak for to long.
Now yall goin hear mah side of tha story.
Respond If U dare N00b



disregard g-styles, he talks alot of shit but he dont even rap himself.

yo g-styles, take ya asshole off of lejin' dick, get a mic, and spit sumthn. druid told me he went on ya oovoo and u talk like a retarded bitch, apparently u cant eve pronounce english words properly. true, lejin used to be an entertainer but this shit is just gettin boring. its the same stuff over an over: Rakoon "blow ya nose/speak up", Merc "Churchboy", KillBill "Silly/not black", InGenius "40 ear old", Ses "stressed/mama's make up/in denial", warspawn "cumspawn", XT "steve irwin", P-balla "avril lavigne/nobody wana sign". u get the point, its the same diss in every single track. man, nobody cares about some Self-Proclaimed Hip Hop NG Number 1 Artist. what the hell are people on the stree gon think wen they pick up his mixtape and its all about NG? thats jus a fukn joke. wev never heard the dude do a song that aint about NG, dissin NG members, or video games. u say that eyybody on Lejin's dick? well how come i ony done one diss to him but hes dissed me like 4 or 5 times? hmm i wonder? maybe its becuz he cant get my name out his mouth like my name is a big fat cock.

seriously g-styles, ur exactly right, the reason why hes "still in this shit" as u say, the reason why anybody remembers his name is becuz eyybody keeps killin him in diss tracks. and ur right, as u say, we on Lejin's mind so much, thats why he keeps believing he wins. as for the whole "copying him" deal, its called sarcasm. i dont know if they hav the concept of sarcasm in your country, but it exists in the english language. maybe u jus too stupid to understand. by the way, there aint no such thing as eastern european crips. mafia or organised crime? yes, but not crips. and nobody believes in british bloods either ravil melling. enjoy being on this site while u still can.


MC-Q responds:

SOME ONE WHO FINALLY SPEAKS THE TRUTH!!!Whos realli gonna buy a mixtape about a bunch of "keyboard gangsters" and NG?
dat shit is gonna flop hard


Ur a stressed out wannabe mc, who needs a new mic, Lejin on the other hand is an entertainer, he entertains the twisted minds of the common ng puplic by stressin out guys just like u, and shiiet man believe me man there has been 10x better disses agaist him, but he stil lwins by makin em guys stress out. oh man its so funny to watch how lejin fucks guys like u up erry day, yo we have been in here like 2 years longer than u and u just have to go against the diss king of ng cmon man.
keep goin, and believe me ull be gone from this site faster then lightning cuz hell make yall die in embarrasment just like the others, merc went on lejins side, cuz hes smart, lipz and billys hey man, they suck up to him cuz they have gotten the taste of lejin in theyr mouth, if x cal would be out from jail, then the agang would rape u 2x and theres NOONE better then xkal in this page, not even lejin himself. ask around, ask whom whoever. and for the final example of our lil crusade of stressin u guys out, ses got betrayed by hes whole crew, ask from billy, or war spawn, or naysly, or butcher hahahaha ur no match man, step ya shit up thats nr 1 nr 2 is that u gotta get on hes mind to beat that guy, but at the same tiime guys have copyed him so much and theywe failed. ikm tellin ya u guys are THE reason hes so well known, the reason hes still in this shit XD
and il lgive ya a10 for being another harrasment material
and sorry for the a4 sizeed dj ses essay

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MC-Q responds:

I mean i guess so but how we on his cock?
Whos been tha one paintin over pictures and drawin dicks all the time?
I made this track to git a fuckin point across. If I jock Lejin so much then how come he sent me like 7 messages talkin bout how im stupid nd shit?
Tha only thing yah boi got on me is quality. Big deal. And in every single diss HE SAYING THE SAME SHIT!!!!
Im "the sands of time" diss, wow yah boi cant even focus on just me. HE but billys name on it. Wow that shows u whos on whos cock.
And X cal. Ill give that n***a his props. Me and him never had no problemz evn doe he kno dat me and Lej got problems. And hav yah boi TRY to run me off this site. Its not gonna work man. Shit and like I said. Ill send his ass a picture of me and he can photoshop it all he wants.
So to sign off on this shit.


nice diss man, but he wont accept the facts, he never does.

-Pop Rock of DDE & YBS

MC-Q responds:

Lol i kno but i think ima b tha one to put him outtah commision


Nice job! I really liked it! This is really creative, 5/5!!

Please review my newest song, Crunky Yo Face, its on the portal! Thanks!

MC-Q responds:

and ill check it out

Actually, he loves MSPaint...

He doesn't have the money for Photoshop.

Good track, good mixdown...and NO treble clipping! That alone puts you light years ahead of anything that private pm bangin' wannabe can ever put out. Welcome to the Block List club...now your name will join such illustrious names as War-Spawn, Bleek989, KillBill, and the list goes on and on and on and on........Keep it pimpin'.


MC-Q responds:

but thanks 4 tha love
btw way i been on tha block list for tha longest time

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Jun 1, 2008
9:38 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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