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wagawaga and guido lombardos musical scrumptiousness with my bad selfs words and voice.


we can see the (truths) end, can you?
we can see societies truths, can you?
we can see the end, can you?
we can see societies truths, can you?
we can see the end, can you?
(we can see, we can see, we can see etc)
we can see societies truths, can you?


mentally sedate
the idiot box the only thing to which you can relate
britain may have talent but it ain't on TV
you want an 'OK' wedding?
you'd better bring a bottle...
...and some flash photographers


'oh and forget about the ring mate'
we can see the truth, can you?
(kelly osbourne yeaaah)
'just bring your soul...'
we can see the truth, can you?
'...in a little box'
we can see the end of society, can you?


instinctively irate
the human condition is one that we should all debate
traits +traps + mental lapse
habbits to drive our minds eyes to those of mixamatosed rabbits


we can see the end, can you?
we can see societies truth, can you?



totally reminds me of them. you can do it too. make it big i mean. anyways the lyrics are pretty amazing i think allthough it kinda seems like they jump around and i lost the meaning i personally believe that anyone who cant fit music with musical thats reversed is a genius. anywasy great work. Gold Star.

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snoballandthmonyshot responds:

don't like the vocals... haha.
yeh make it big, gimme gimme gimme

me likey

cool track man. Not go t much else I can say:)

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

nuff said

Kelly Osbourne?

Cool song mate. It says what a lot of people have on their minds about society and all. Also, if you wouldent mind posting the lyrics for "Sharpening Their Lies" i'd be more than grateful. Thats a tight jam but i cant really make out the words and my band really wants to cover it. we'll send you the recording. Anyways, good job and good luck with the songs to come.

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snoballandthmonyshot responds:

haha, nice1
will have to give it a listen and work out the lyrics myself, recorded that years and years ago, i'll message u the lyrics and will look forward to hearing your version:)


This song is great! Man oh wow great song its awesome!
Keep it up!!!!!

snoballandthmonyshot responds:


I can see the truth...

This song definitely relates to my type of thinking. I do partake in watching the "idiot box" and love to say my opinions online. I try not to worship celebrity's and am mainly trying to enjoy this short life while I try to become much wiser then my peers.
The world is full of cultures and different ways of life and although the only other country I have been to is Canada I believe that right and wrong are an opinion. I really am trying to believe this reality, but I know deep inside that none of this is real it's just how my senses interpret it...

I really need to stop over thinking things...

The truth is cold.
The truth is cruel.
The truth is sometimes evil.
But if you don't listen to truth, you will die...

Oh dear I'm rambling!

what I was trying to say is I really liked this song and it had a lot of messages in it.(I would have preferred a different name considering it is saying all U.S. citizens are morons and listen to their T.V.'s when I have met a lot of wise U.S. peers[mostly in art class =P])

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snoballandthmonyshot responds:

thanks for the words.
don't look into the name, 'western' was the working title of the instrumental 'lyrical' cos this version has lyrics. I'm from england and the lyrics are an observation of a certain mindset of a percentage of the population, i certainly wasn't trying to pigeonhole an entire country.

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