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I made this one eight minute song for a couple of people.

I'm splitting it into three parts because It'll keep your attention that way.

And as you listen The reason all the parts are so different is because I made one part for each person, so everyone's parts sound different. Its not really a song, but a collection of tunes.


Good Work

Though the first thing I am disappointed about is actually putting this into three parts without any other reason other than to keep the attention of someone, it does kind of put me off in a way, I like to listen to one thing right the way through though it might work with some people, I think it's kind of ehh. The ending for this did work and sounded good though, so it's not like it cut off at the end.

Everything seemed to work fine with this too, which is good to hear, the intro was good though part the way through it did sound like it was at the end but then it built up again, that was pretty good. No real problems with this other than the splitting up of it, that's the only thing I don't like, the length is still decent though, so good work overall.



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TheBellmaker responds:

Thanks for the review.

I split it up because when I first submitted it someone said is was 2 long :(

And the reason the parst are also split up is because I made a part for each of the 5 people and they were all different. So in essence, this is not really a song. rather, it is a collection of tunes.


It's a nice song with a great varity. I like how you added many different effects and changes in the main beat to the song. This keeps the song from getting boring and the listener can discover something new on every new playthrough of the song. ^^

The guitar you used in the second half of the song sounds a bit strange... but that's the problem with sound samples, I guess. It would be very nice if some skilled guitarist could help you out with a real guitar there. Would sound so much better!

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TheBellmaker responds:

Thanks for the review Haggard.

As for the guitar, its actually a plugin built into Fruilty Loops. Its the best guitar I had, so I had to use that.

Good idea

This is good putting it into three parts keeps it fresh. I like the intro scary and dramtic and good introduction. It sounded exciting ad made this cool. Midway about 50 seconds in the beat changed to some club sound making it fun and upbeat. This stayed as fun as it began. Nice use of gulitars in the middle they sounded impressive. What i like is that with the mixes, its varied and fresh no repetion here.

Overeall a good track.

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TheBellmaker responds:

Sweet man, thx for the review.

Ya, a problem I had with past tracks were that they were very repetitive :/ I trying to fix that.

Variety FTW :P

I liked it, it had a very ominous, kind of evil vibe to it in the beginning. I liked how the drums switched from a hiphop style beat in the beginning to a straight 2 and 4 rock beat on the snare. Different looks like that always make a song more interesting and give it more depth.
I loved how you mixed music styles in this. As I mentioned before I heard some hiphop and rock type beats with the drums and much of song had a kind of rock/trance fusion type of thing going on, which was pretty awesome.
Overall it was a solid song, man, I enjoyed it. Good work.

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TheBellmaker responds:

Thx for the review.

This song was originally made for 5 people and I made a part for every person. There used to be "voice acting" but I took it out because it was really hard to understand.

So the song could be considered 6 different songs (counting intro). I put it up in 3 pieces cause it was too long >:(


Nice, Acid style pads and snyths, good beat and solid bass. nice work.

TheBellmaker responds:

thanx for the review!

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