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last week i visited one of the World War 2 concentration camps in my country. this visit inspired me to make a piece which sounds sad (since it is a memorial), and it did the trick. but still, it wouldnt be a song of me if there was no heavy bassline, so i put one of the heaviest basses ive ever created in this song, ranging from 80 to 115 hertz.

This is a tribute to the almost 6 million jews and roma that have been brutally killed due to the holocaust regime. Enjoy the basslines, but dont forget to think about the carnage that has been going on in the nazi deathcamps almost 65 years ago when you hear this song. hope this wil never happen again.

PS:dont forget to write a review! =D

PPS: you really wont hear the bass if you have standard speakers which can only produce up to 130 hertz.

PPPS: im serious, you really wont!


Good but a few things you could improve

I kinda liked it, but you tend to make your intro's quite long. That first sound you heard really goes on for a real long time and gets very annoying. Also that sound you used was the only thing making it sound a tad sad. I really have to agree with the response of Flared24. Honestly that sound is just annoying. When i dont feel so good i tend to put on some sad music you know. But this is not really something you would put in a list of sad music. Also the bass you used was way too high. My speakers are quite good, but they just couldn't handle it, so they wont play any bass at all. (and yes, i know you told the people that, but if you knew it already, why didnt you change it?) Also this piece was more of a trance then drum and bass. I usually say the opposite, but you used the same melody the whole time with the 'sad' sound playing too, so it sounded more like a trance then a drum and bass song.

Just one more note, at the absolutd of the song, the sound suddendly stops and then the song starts again as always. If you would have cut out the part where the music stops, it would have been a loop as well.

Lucovic responds:

i wanna ask you one thing... do you even know what trance is?!?! since there is not even a single bit of this song sounding like trance. this is clearly drum n bass (if you havent noticed it before). secondly, if ur speakers were good, they werent just good enough. and btw this song is intended to have hard bass. i mentioned it in the comments section to keep reviewers away which give me an unfairly low rating , because they dont hear anything. still thanks for the advice.

Not Sad

I'm not trying to ruin your streak of great reviews, but I really feel this isn't a sad song at all. It's just simply like that. You claimed that this was supposed to be sad since it is a "memorial", yet I don't see how in anyway it is. I would imagine a sad song to have a piano or something and maybe start out slower. The strong bass you used in this doesn't really fit, in my opinion.

Work on compressing your bass some more. The bass also could probably use some distortion to make it sound more interesting. Also, try to use the Parametric EQ to change the way things sound. The pad at the beginning is just in its default state, and you could do so much more to make it sound better.

Lucovic responds:

First of all, I totally agree with what you said.

if u dont think it sounds sad, its ok with me. it sounds sad in my opinion and if u dont think so. its ok with me. second. the bass was intended to be simple but hard. im not THAT skilled with FL studio right now. so i might listen to your advice and modify my songs a little bit. the pads are indeed standard, only pitched. it is not modified due to the same reason as the bassline.

Still thanks for the advice u gave me. it'll help me alot in the future =D


Quite nice, if slightly aimless. Seems like something to test your sound system with. The HD-280 headphones I use can drop all the way to 20 hertz with no distortion, it's insane.

Lucovic responds:

lol thanks. i use sennheiser PMX 40 headphones to make this song and they also wont distort below 20 hertz =D

I usually don't go overboard with reviews but..

That was fucking twisted dude, I love it.

Lucovic responds:

Thank you =)


wtf sick bassline man,,
mine distorted :P

i like the song, but i dont feel it as being a memorial song..
im not sensing any sadness coming trough, but the song is awesome

Lucovic responds:

Thanx =D

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May 31, 2008
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Drum N Bass
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