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My second attempt at happy hardcore! I was messing around with some ideas, and this is what I came up with. I would love some feedback since the song isn't really quite there for me. Also, I suck at endings!

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for me, being a happy hardcore artist for a couple of months now and having some solid work done i could say this is a great attempt at the style, and just a few things are missing. First of all, turn up that lead, and put some modulation on it. The lead has to be louder then what it is at now. The intro is great. the part at 115 when the lead becomes gated was a good idea too. the endings ok, i would put in a piano breakdown before the ending. The kicks are also to weak in the drums. HHC kicks have to be hard and strong. I would recomend searching google for hardcore or hardstyle kicks if you dont have any. and i would put a compresser on the kicks also. One last thing, im not really sure about what speed this is at but most/ mainstream happy hardcore is usually 170 - 200 bpm, give or take 10 bpm.

Besides those 3 lil things though , this is great =D
check out my work if you got time =D
4.47 / 5.00 (+ 0.018)

Very good

Boy, listening to your work sure does bring me back to the drawing board with my stuff. Again very good mix, and the balance of the instruments is very well worked. I enjoyed this a lot, will more than likely be putting this on a CD I can drive to.

Rawmin responds:

Thanks for the review! As you can tell, I reviewed you song, from inside.

Lol, my avatar is your initials!?!?!


its good, but i cant help but thinking this has been done before, its a good buildup but i would like to hear something more .. powerful. iotherthen that its good


Nice song but:

Your kick wasn't punchy enough, if you listen to any commercial stuff these days they won't be using kicks like these, you need to have more punch in the mid area and the high-lows to give it that drive and punch.

Your other percussion like your hats and rides didn't sound that dynamic, I've heard those samples before and it doesn't sound like anything has been done to them to mix them into the peice better. I would recommend EQing, managing there levels and adding slight reverb to give it more depth and prescence, right now they sound kinda flat.

Also, there's no real melody, you have a chord progression and a bassling but they haven't been used to create a unique melody, all you've done is chop/arp the chords and porta'd it.

There was that sweep at the end aswell, I think you should've used it throughout the song to emphasise the builds and the climaxes.

Anyway, good luck with future projects.

Rawmin responds:

Thanks for the indepth review. I'm rather new as far as mastering, so I hope to do more in future projects.

Solid beat.

It flows nicely for a fast beat: It doesn't sound cluttered. The transitions are well done, as well as excellent use of the skipping after 1:10. Despite it being a very upbeat song, the main synth seems a little flat. The wind effects are nice at the start and end, if slightly cheesy, but hey, they work.

I'll give you an 9; you really could do some work with the main synth, and it's pretty standard techno. High quality standard techno but standard techno none the less. Good work.

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4.25 / 5.00

May 30, 2008
10:07 PM EDT
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