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A light little tune with light happy melodies and light instrumentation. This is what it sounds like when I produce right after returning from a vacation. I started out with a baseline I had in my head for a long time and the rest followed effortlessly. Started and finished on the same day, I wish I could handle all of my projects like that. Yet it sounds exactly the way you'd expect a 1-day-production to sound - kinda dull and raw; Which doesn't keep me from liking the outcome. I hope it manages to cheer you guys up a bit ;)



I can't say enough about this song. It's absolutely amazing. I just can't believe there aren't more reviews being written for it??? Deserving of much acclamation. Can't wait for more! xox

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Hi Duke,

Well it took a while for your pablo song to go up the ranks. This song is pretty neat too. It's much different from a lot of the NG dance songs which are all happy hardcore or tons of white noise. No clue where you got cotton as a title. Here is a deeper explanation:

1) I like the mellow vibes with this song. Once in a while calming dance music can be great
2) The crystal bells and lead only increase the mellow mood of this song with that catchy bass line.
3) Fade outs, delay, panning I like.
4) I hear a lot of songs use a similar kind of whoosh fx sound to transition. I really need to find out how to make one like that.

1) Well you said you didn't put much effort in this project. I find making songs quick is the fun part of music. You must of had fun making this. However, the progression is not overly complex.
2) Nice drums, but you could add some new ones instead of the same one in the entire song. Maybe your love for house didn't make you recognize dance music has more drum variety?

For a 1 day project, I think you did pretty well. Keep making dance music because I hardly ever get to here something unique in this genre. You made my day...but I still have one more exam. :( 5/5 vote and 9/10 review.

Bye for now

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DukeLukeProd responds:

Hey man!
There isn't a lot to the title other than the fact that both cotton and my song are soft ;) I'm happy that you dig this calmer approach to dance music. The delay/panning effects are mostly standard settings to get a wide sound with minimal effort. I've propably used 1/4 note left, 1/2 note right for the delay. Those transition-effects are very easy to do, as far as I recall I've just reversed a crash cymbal and applied a phaser along with some reverb. The cool thing is that you can do that with about any sound, even short percussion hits, all you need is a decent reverb.

I agree, the progression is fairly simple, you basically hear the same elements over and over, only in various combinations. The break is especially unexciting. To be honest, the only kind of drum variety I heard in commercial house/dance tracks so far was thus: kick, a low-cut version of it in the intro/outro and maybe another kick if the artist decided to throw in a breakbeat-style break. There are very few who deviate from that, I know 2, on the one hand you and on the other hand Marcus Schössow (Who, according to his statement, is on a mission to re-invent dance music, maybe you should check out his MySpace).

However, thanks for another fantastic review and good luck with your exam!

As you said, a little try, but pleasent.

The transitions of this song are really nice. But otherwise I agree with you, it's simple, light, and mild.
Far from bad though.

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DukeLukeProd responds:

Thank you!

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