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MMBN6 - Virus Busting!

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Remix of the virus busting theme from Mega Man Battle Network 6! Enjoy!

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Man! if i was quark from "ratchet and clank" i'll find my dubstep right here !!
O_O >>>>>> ^_^


I need to sue you someday for setting my standards so high. Working on a fan-game with a few people I know and the people they bring in for music just don't compare to you. I mean, many others know how to get the melody and rythm right, but when bringing out the feel of a song and in terms of music selection, they just don't do it right. I'm not sure about your composing skill, but I can most certainly say that I don't feel anybody compares to you. At least in the US when it comes to Rockman remixes. Dunno about Japan, since they have a few really messed up people who are music gods, but...Honestly, Capcom should hire you or something.

As for the theme itself, it's a simple EXE virus busting theme. Arguably one of the more casual, light-hearted battle themes in the series, and like most of EXE's soundtrack, chaotic/annoying when looped for too long. It's not really catchy like earlier games, and EXE6 WAS missing a certain spark(probably due to the sheer shortness of the actual plot), even moreso than 4 and 5's slightly pointless plot structure, so it's not really that surprising.

The pitch, the ear-splitting main instruments, the background music, everything's like EXE6's battle theme. Annoying when blasting the sound at maximum, at that. Just like the original. It really emphasizes the light-heartedness of the tune, the instrument selection is absolutely perfect for the melody, and it really feels like you could replace the standard battle music when making a video and most people wouldn't really notice the better quality at first glance. It's nice and synthy like what EXE music oughta be, whilst still holding a level of depth and complexity that really brings out the spirit of the song. Can't say I exactly LIKE the sound selection itself(namely since I didn't enjoy EXE6's battle songs), but it's really some of the best stuff I've seen.

I'm amazed again and again at your knack for Rockman remixes. Everything in the series is either a hit or a miss, and is designed to be virtually impossible to remix correctly. The Zero Remastered Tracks are a prime example of this. Regardless, you bring everything up to EXE5DS or higher in terms of feel and sound quality.

Zero-Resurrected responds:

jesus christ

Good idea

I like the song, but i doesnt fit into a situation other than fighting mettuars in the very beginning seince thats an easy fight needing an "easier" song to go with it.

I mean- imagine fighting RarePulseBulb3 and a few RareDarkMechs, just doesnt fit for something that hard :p

This re-mix is definatly better than the original, and it deserves a definate 10/10 5/5. Great job and keep working on remixes! XD


Good work man

As always...

...good work, dude. Megaman music is indeed hard to remix.

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May 27, 2008
10:28 PM EDT
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