Morals (Who Needs 'Em?)

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SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT VERSION!! We got into the studio with some free time after finishing Flying High and decided to change a few things, notably:

The hi-hats in the intro
The drum fills (for variety)
And the last part of the solo

Enjoy =D

'Morals (Who Needs 'Em)'
The Barefaced Cheek

Max Mayhew - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Oli Robinson - Backing Vocals/Guitar
David King - Bass
Sam Thomason (Me) - Drums

Listen to it all the way through, don't judge it straight away.

Just some general facts...
The song's about slutty girls in general (lyrics by me).
You may notice we're British. From London, in fact.
Rock lives.
Music written by The Barefaced Cheek.
We are on Myspace. Search our name, should be easy enough.
More coming soon.

Waiting for
The queue to fall back in
You know you need me,
I don't know where to begin

But now I want you more than I ever have
You sleep around
You dirty little chav

I thought you cared
But you just took the piss
Threw it away
For one little kiss

The sleepless seams of silly things you see,
Well who the hell is he?

These girls they just don't see
The reasons not to be
So scummy!
Sleeping with the country
So dirty!
They've just got a hold on me

Knows what you're like in bed
But none can tell
What goes on in your head

You play your games and you control the dice
You take your pick
Without checking the price

Come and go
You've had you're share of men
Throw them away
So you can start again

You go through guys at your liberty
But where does that leave me?

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It's a pretty kick-ass song but in the lyrics, (So scummy!
Sleeping with the country
So dirty!
The "YEAH"'s should have more of an impact. Maybe get some more bass or baritone vocals in there. And make the Yeahs louder :)

MathcoreMathcore responds:

Good idea! Not my area of expertise but I'll look into it.

Thanks for the review

I liked it a good bit.

I think it's a really good song; the production was nice, the singing was good, the lyrics were really good, the guitar-work was impressive, the bass was nice, the drumming? My hat's off to you man! All in all, a very good piece of work. I hope you guys make it big. I also hope I can get a band as tight together as you are. Good Luck!

MathcoreMathcore responds:

It's good to see our days of hard work have paid off, it really did take ages.

Thanks for the good words.

i love it

i think everybody knows at least 1 girl like in your song. i both love em and hate em

MathcoreMathcore responds:

I like to reach people with my lyrical genius :P


I wish i could write songs this good. Ur lead guitarist and bassist are brill and the whole was great. A definete download here.

MathcoreMathcore responds:

And the drumming? Definitely deserves a shout :)

Yeah, I hate 'em too.

Morals, that is. I absolutely love this song, every part of it was amazing, start to finish.





And I know I'm not supposed to do this, but:

To the guy below me, SHUTUP! The singing was the second best part of the song, next to the lead guitar.

MathcoreMathcore responds:

Well said! And thanks for being the first to use one of our songs in a flash!

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May 26, 2008
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