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Graveyard (8-bit)

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An 8-bit piece that would fit perfectly into some kind of vampire or zombie game...

Part of my ongoing experimentation with 8-bit music and sound.
This sounds more NES-authentic than my last 8-bit song in terms of wave use and expression.

Just like any classic NES track, there are only 3 channels total playing at any given moment, emulating the hardware restrictions of those early chips and making for very interesting composition. And, like an 8-bit game song, the song loops after several sections!


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This track sounds very much like something you'd hear in a Castlevania or Ghosts and Goblins style game. Excellent for kicking zombie and vampire ass and trying not to die in a no doubt Nintendo Hard game.

Spoopy 8 bit tune

AWESOME! I came here because I saw this on jontron and i LOVED IT!

What a coincidence! I was just looking up information about the Castlevania games and stumbled across this. It would fit with those games or really any other kinds of games where you fight zombies and/or vampires and/or any other supernatural creation. I think this song has real ambition to it. I even like how some of the sounds sound like Simon Belmont's whip. Again, I don't know if that was intentional.

What was also sweet is how it was organized to the point where it didn't matter where you listened to it. Everything flowed together so well. I didn't hear any pauses or anything when the song when to replay itself that much. It does build up at the end, but you hardly notice it. This was a fun song.