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+BsK+ Lufia 3 Title Piano

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This was a FUCKING HARD SONG to play. Octaves on the treble, Octaves on the bass, Very high speed...My fingers hurt after getting this as best I could do. I don't care If I screwed up, This is the best I could do to a song of this speed...But seriously I find it sounds so much more epic on the piano.

So, Basically through some reviews out, Tell me if you like the mad piano skills, and congradulate my fingers on their precision.

ON a more serious note, Hope you guys like this and enjoy listening to it, Always happy to have people enjoy the music. Later guys.

~~~Brad Kubota


Try Playing It Slower.

You'll Mess Up Less. And It'll Still Sound Good!


sometimes it sounded out of rythm, the fast transissions you know? they were alot louder and sounded like you had trouble playing them, and some wrong notes in there to :S

although, if you played it all perfect, this could definatly be the main theme for some huge game man =]

keep at it! prac prac and prac some more!

kaptainkewl responds:

I can play, but that song is a bit beyond my skill level. If I had a sequencer it would sound a bit better, but for the time being the only timing I have is my own fingers.

Thanks for the Review!


nice bro, very nice piano skills


I picked up a wrong note or two, but it mustve been hard too play.
I just thing that some of the notes are cut a bit short and maybe you shouldve put it in a program and given it a bit of reverb or something.
Otherwise, great :D


kaptainkewl responds:

I had the sustain down alot, but, The thing is, when I transfer notes that quickly, The keyboard doesn't pick up the sustain as well, So it's just a problem with the speed. Thanks alot though. Pretty much, at the bass aprregio, I was hitting 7 notes in two seconds constantly, then when it turned to staccato octaves on the bass, I was also hitting octaves on the treble, at the speed you heard (it was just after 31 seconds, was all octaves on both hands) Defintely the hardest part of that song.

holy crap. O_0

you mean you use no software to record this...damn nice. please practice this more it sounds awesome but if you could get this perfect you would make me and many other wet there pants.

kaptainkewl responds:

Ya, Pretty much, I really liked the song, and started picking it up bit by bit by ear. I actually found out I had it in the wrong key, so I jsut trnasposed it with my keyboard +1 just because the key was 5 sharps/flats, and it's a hard enough song as is. I don't know how long it will take to me to get it perfect, But If I do get it, I'll certainly tell you.

Thanks for the review!

~~~Brad Kubota

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May 20, 2008
12:21 AM EDT
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