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ANCIENT ALERT ... again o_O

Yup, another oldie. Another piece made solely in the old versions of Fruityloops. It's kind of "flash-friendly", so I use that as a justification for inflicting this on the world. The whole point with this song for me, was to experiment and manage to get a speech-generator to sing .. well. So, that is the entire point of this song actually. Its a little repetive, but I've had some good feedback on it anyway. Enjoy it if you can find it in you to do so :) And the lyrics would be:

"We are gamer to the bone we are.
Frag and kill is what we do.
We belong to the future,
the next generation.
Doing what we gamers were born to do.
And that is to play until you go insane.
And to blast your ass to hell"

Also, this is in parts a remix of one of the songs from the game "Chrono Trigger", originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda :)



I am a gamer and i can relate to the lyrics and great meat and everything 9/10!

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And no, I don't mean the YT vid. I was laughing the whol time. Well, on the inside. Kinda hard to do out loud here. But still, great song.

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The 1st 30 seconds were hilarious.

I love this thing because it has a good beat and the lyrics are so true.

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SkyMarshall responds:

Just thanks mate =)


A remake of this song which havent destroyed the essence in the melody, and even seem a bit related to the game its from...
Or perhaps i have been unlucky looking for remakes/remixes of this tune, but most of them seems to totally screw it over...?

Anyway; left on repeat for an hour at least... may it be that i cant be bothered to change tune, or just because its awsome... thats up to you to decide ;)

Heres a 10, a 5 and a Cookie for your efforts...

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SkyMarshall responds:

When repeat is on for several hours - I know it is a sucess. Glad you like this man, alltough I made it looong ago when the skills wasnt all the way up there.

Thanks =)

Good, but....

I dunno if it's my crappy speakers or something, but the speech synthesiser sounds like it misses out the 'm' in 'gamer'....

...and the 'r' in 'frag'.....

You would've gotten away with it had the last line not mentioned ass-blasting. o_0

Now don't get me wrong: all it did was make it funny as well as cool to listen to. Just thought I'd mention it. Since this song is already as good as anyone can reasonably expect, there's not much else I can say in this review box anyway.

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SkyMarshall responds:

And that review, was awesome my dear sir :) Finally somebody who has something to point out. And for your "complaints", I did a listen-through and found that I agree. It was not intentional, and even tough it might make it sound cool - it was a mistake. I actually used a free very spectacularly cheap speech-synthesizer for this one. Im sure it didnt have what it takes to say "M" and "R". Hehe.

Again, thanks for the review and the 10 :)

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May 18, 2008
6:10 PM EDT
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