Coersion of Euthanasia

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this is a song for my solo project "mestattu" (check out the myspace: www.myspace.com/mestattu)

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WOOOOOO Love It Head Banged Through The Whole Thing XD


Pretty extreme headbangin' here, sir. Many awesome riffs too.

The vocals could be mixed better though. EQ some off from the bass frequencies, that way they'll fit better (it's how human voice works).

10/10 and a five ( 4.26 / 5.00 (+ 0.050) ).

(Saatana tää raiskaa persettä :D)


I'm a fucking cunt, why have I not listened to your stuff already!!
This song is fucking brutal, and your riffs are fucking violent as fuck!

Brutal vocals too.


DekapitatoR responds:

Thank you!

ps. you've already listened to some of my stuff ;)

Rock out!

Contrary to some of the other reviewers, it seems, I don't mind the pig squeal at all. You definitely have the voice for it - it add a more gritty tone to the song. My critique is sections like 1:23-1:24, where you seem to advance a bit with the squeal from the beat. The phasing throws it off. At 2:07 to 2:17 you /nail/ it perfectly though. Well enough that I'll forgive the beforehand phasing. As twilight said, the audible breathing in between does take away from it slightly as well, but otherwise I enjoyed the entire song, including the horror-esque addition at the end. Well made!

DekapitatoR responds:

thanks alot!

Definitely a lot of high points.

I only really have one critique, and I can say it it one word: intelligibility.
That's the main problem I have with pig-squealing in general; it never changes, and has no musicality to it whatsoever.
I definitely agree with kevs91, they added almost nothing to the song except volume.
I can also hear you taking breaths between words/lines.
However, your guitar work is very elaborate and well-executed.
The only thing I would change is the tone; it's too muddy, and some of the little fast runs and palm-mutes get lost in the mud.
Take out some of the mids, and a little of the bass, and they would clean right up.
Also, the ride you use from about :23 to :39 is too loud.
In fact, the cymbals seem to be too loud throughout, with some exceptions.
They're so loud, in fact, that the bass drum and snare get lost under the guitar and cymbals. Turn down the cymbals, and crank up the bass especially. We need to hear that shit, bro.
This is the first song I've heard from you, and it's excellent.
It needs a bit of work, but it is definitely awesome.
I'm going to listen to the rest of your shit, because this has me interested.
Awesome work.

DekapitatoR responds:

Thanks alot

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3.75 / 5.00

May 18, 2008
5:23 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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5 min 21 sec

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