The Gates of Violence

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Here's a new song for you all called The Gates of Violence. This song was originally going to use the lyrics I did for Deathquake but I decided that I'd leave those lyrics where they were and come up with some new ones for this. Enjoy.

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u just got faved!

thats sum sick shit man....love it!

Extar responds:

Thanks :D


first off, guitar is amazing, and i like the riffs and vocal consepts, I wont bother about talking about whats good, because you slready know


the main issue for me is the crash. I dont like it, i am not sure what it is, i think its something between its delayed attach and its weird frequency change, but it annoys me, you need a different one.

guitar needs stronger high end eqing when there is no vocals, keep song more powerful ingeneral, especially in slow riff trhoguh 3:20

vocasls need more chorus, and a HELL of alot more compression (well, make an exciter, have a second channel for the vocals, have it only eq'd high, and put on rediculous amoounts of compression, it will make the vocals stand out more

um, thats the only issues, I really liked the rest of the drum samples you used, and good job

Extar responds:

First off thanks for the detailed review I don't usually get in-depth ones like this. Secondly, some of the points you bring up sound like mastering issues which I have little to no experience with so you'll have to bear with me.
With the crash I'm just using what's available on my drum machine, and I'm not entirely aware about any bizarre frequency changes.
With the vocals all that I put on them is reverb, no other effects mostly because I don't particularly know which ones help. Same with the guitar, what is there is coming straight out of the amp.
Anyway, thanks for the review and what not.


I love that awesome scratchy guitar sound when you shred it. Great tempo with the drums aswell and vocals bought alot to this song. Keep it up.

Kind regards -

Extar responds:

I'm trying to incorporate more tempo changes into my songs as I think it adds more colour and I was really pleased with the results on this song. It's a little requirement now that I have to try and come up with a 'big chorus' for my songs :D
Thanks for the review!


Fucking awesome! The riffs sound like a mix between the mighty Megadeth and Slayer. I always fucking say that. I need to think of something different to say when reviewing your tunes! hahaha

Excellent job mate, the vocals sound awesome. Excellent thrashin' riffage

Extar responds:

Haha yeah I should call myself Megaslay or something :D Thanks for the reivew, man!


thats evil, man! excellent riffs, and i really liked the vocals, too much growling around here. glad to see that i'm not the only one trying to 'sing' =p. great work anyway, keep rocking \m/

Extar responds:

Yeah I know what you mean about the state of vocals on this site :D Us vocalists need to stick together :D
I did approach this song more from the point of view of trying to make it a riff-fest. So it's good to see that paid off :D
Thanks for the review!

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May 16, 2008
10:26 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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