Blue Eyes

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I made this one a few months back (sometime in late 2007 or early 2008)

I had been heavily inspired by Tiesto's musical style after purchasing two of his albums, and I went through a phase where some of my music was patterned after his songs. I started making this one after listening to the song Heroes off of the Parade of the Athletes album (you'll find that there are many similarities between the two if you're a Tiesto fan), but I got a little bored with how it was coming along. I then dropped it, leaving it as a beta song hidden among several scrapped projects. One day, I was looking through the songs that I had scrapped, found this, and got inspired again. I began rebuilding it, adding new and better synths, higher quality percussion, just higher quality everything. It sounded the same, and at the same time, it was better in every respect when compared to the original. Even the vocal sample that I recorded and sliced was new, and though short, it added even further to the feel of the song.

It's fairly repetitive (again, it was modeled after a Tiesto song), but if you truly enjoy techno and trance, then you'll quite probably love this one.

This one goes out to any girl with Blue Eyes.

--::I only want to see your Blue Eyes::--



Great stuff


AWESOME!!!(its all i can say )

Interesting very interesting

I didn't download this song because it isn't really my style of song. I had to give it a 5/5 and 10/10 just because I can hear the work put into it. Perfect length and awesome transitions. I have what's called an open mind I guess. Keep up with your work and remember even if some don't like it doesn't mean it's not good. I can see you doing something great.

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It was pretty good. I really liked the synth in this song, it was fast paced and fun to listen to. It was slightly repetitive at the beginning which may be something you should edit, just taking out some of the unnececary spaces between the different sections of the song towards the begginning. Remember the first reaction is the most important one ^_^. The vocals were also a very nice addition to an already very good song, even if it was just you saying blue eyes a couple times throughout the song, I thought it made a big impact on the song as a whole.

Anyways great song here. Maybe you should try ressurecting a few other "scraped projects" because if this will be the outcome every time then it would definantly be worth it.

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Manmademusic responds:

I've got another "Tiesto inspired" one that I abandoned... I've been thinking about remaking that one for awhile. It all depends on whether or not I feel like fixing it, but I might see what I can do with it.... Anyway, thanks for the in-depth review!

Holy S****

That voice... it made me wish I had blue eyes!!! This piece gave me chills. I love it!!!

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Manmademusic responds:

Chills, now THAT'S amazing. I find that my most chilling tracks are the ones that I put emotion into (mostly the few that I sing in). I didn't expect that people would get chills while listening to this one... I suppose I made something good. Thanks for the 10 man!

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May 12, 2008
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