Peepen Float

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(NOTE: this song is under AMBIENT. Although many of you will realize this, there are a few who will grade the song low for not being rock or hip-hop enough for them. Please don't, it only makes you look stupid)

The Peepen Float.

What is a Peepen exactly? Well it's a small mythical bird of a green hue. The special feature about this bird is it's weightless style of flying, using up drifts of air to help it seamlessly float without moving a muscle. These birds once Inhabited many coastal forest areas, where it would wake a few hours before dawn to live its care free life. The mere sight of a Peepen would put a creature into a great sense of relaxation and enjoyment. It isn't sure what eventually wiped out these creatures, but then again there are some who say they are still alive.

Never heard of one? well that is because it is a creation of me and my friend's (Meg) creation. and I hope you can imagine these creatures for yourself as you listen to the song ^^



Float indeed.

Very happy, very relaxed. I want to fly with the Peepens, very much. Even to sit in a tree while they fly and watch the sunrise would be perfect.

The end/beginning of the song (where it loops) made it easy to picture the little guys appearing one by one seemingly out of nowhere, and as the light of the sun began to take over, they begin to disappear one by one, much the same as they had revealed themselves.

i believed you for a sec

and the song fits what you wrote perfectly. it truely is really relaxing

Dark-Frando responds:

I'm glad you like it ^^

and thanks for the review =D


Why do most of your songs remind me of the ocean? It really does paint a lovely picture. Almost mythical in the sense that there could be something like it in existence. I can see the little birds right before dawn, when everything's glowing on the horizon : )

Dark-Frando responds:

Heh, bingo! pretty much the exact scene displayed in my own mind when I was making this song. Unfortunately I want to go to this place where Peepens live -_-; theoretically though they don't exist >< kind of a wasted effort XD

Thanks for commenting! ^.~

I wish i could give it a higher score...

I feel that the little Peepens are floating around an emerald green forest...no worries, no hate or anything like that, just a simple life...The coast around them is a gorgeous topaz and dolphins drift in and out of the waves.

Sorry to ramble :D it's just so beautiful--i've heard it 3 times already!

Dark-Frando responds:

Heh, you know you've done a good job when people enjoy your work. This is why I like reviews so much, Lets me see how the people of the world respond to my style ^^

Thanks for commenting (and I'll pretend you gave an 11 ^_~)


During the entire song, I was reminded of how I felt when she died. I remember feeling like I was being carried away on a cool breeze to be with her. She was my... Peepen and now that I think of it she was always like that to me. Thanks for giving me something nice to remind myself of her.

Dark-Frando responds:

Then I believe I am honoured to do such a favour to you with this song, And I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you for taking you time to review =)

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May 11, 2008
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