|2008| Sonic Sells Chronic

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Yo the names, Sonic. I gotcha boom chronic.
I'll spin it too, ain't that ironic?
Tail's delivers yo! Call 'er Miles Prower-
We'll get it to ya, if you're chillin' in the tallest tower.
So don't cha sigh, she can fly. She knows how to fuckin' get a n***a high.
Oh shit! There's Doctor Eggman. Grab the rings bitch!
And let's set up a new plan!

Chop that shit, make it quick!
Flip the sign, so we can dip.
To the bonus level!'Cause that's where the gems at.
Can't miss a beat, or we heading to a death trap.
Bitch we can't restart! It's a genesis!
Y'know saving doesn't exist!
I know, it fucking sucks.
Just dodge the spikes, nd let's make the big bucks!

Y'know I'm dodgin' shit, straight through the loops,
Fuck the coupes, I got ballin' bed boots.
Havin' fun, while I'm on the run.
Eggman can't stop this till I'm done.
One by one, I get my gems. Until then,
Pick out the sticks nd stems.
Making rings, selling chronic.
Till I become the Supersonic!

Sonnniccc, Sells the bomb chronic!
Spring Yard Zone, is where it grows!
Luring all the fiends, luring all the hoes!

You need weed? I'll be there, no matter the case.
No matter the time or place, I'll make haste.
Even underwater! Take my last breath!
Need air, coming close to my death.
I hope I don't suffocate, I'm in trouble.
3 2 1.. Yes, AN AIR BUBBLE!
HAH! I dived! I survived! No more high deprived!
'Cause Sonic arrived! YEEAH!

I ain't gone, not just yet.
I don't do spots, 'cause I hate the debt.
And You'll probably hate the threat,
if you forget to pay when the times set.
I also hate Eggman and his crazy schemes,
trying to jack all my fiends, and their cream.
Whatever yo, I'll just spin attack that fucking bitch.
He's a stupid faggot.

Sonnniccc, Sells the bomb chronic!
Spring Yard Zone, is where it grows!
Luring all the fiends, luring all the hoes!

Now, I'm trying to do a deed, it's not just greed.
Sellin weed, deliveries with speed.
'Cause I'm sonic, Gotcha bomb shit.
No need to fit, I'll get there really quick!
Don't ask for a whip, don't need one.
Don't ask for a trip, If you won't bun.
Through both night and day, I'm on the run.
I get around the globe so quick, I barely see the sun.
I don't care who you are, if you need a blaze.
I'll travel real skilled, through the toughest maze.
Once I bumped into my man knuckles.
My shit's so strong, all he did was buckle.
I got him so high, his eyes were bleedin.
He couldn't see when I dipped-- Cause I'm always speedin.
Hah! That's how I do foo'. I'll get there soon, Y'know it's true.

Enjoy :) I may repost if the volume levels are retarded, please tell me if they are..
I'm kinda going deaf. >.<

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cool beat

good but song not from sonic and too much swearing


eeh cool

haha worddd

that beat is crazy haha you just made my day :]


Good Try!

the Vocals on the chorus were quite bad sorry about that

but the rap was sweet and the tune is sick! can you bring out the instrumental? i would totall download that!

Chista responds:

Search Gorbanic, it's his beat. And Yea I know.
I can't sing lmfaooooo

Not bad

"Sonnniccc, Sells the bomb chronic!
Spring Yard Zone, is where it grows!
Luring all the fiends, luring all the hoes!"

This is the only part that could sound better...To me it just doesnt flow as well as the rest of the song. But overall it's a great song.

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May 9, 2008
12:53 AM EDT
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