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In One Last Glance

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Author Comments

I promised a lot of people I would make an entirely piano focused piece. I've tried this before, but I always found that I could never be satisfied with planning it out note by note.

Nope, thats simply not the way I play. What you are hearing is a recording of me sitting down in front of my keyboard and closing my eyes and playing entirely impromptu and straight from the heart.

This is something similar to what you would hear if you happened to walk in on me playing to relieve stress and sadness from my life. Which is probably why most of my music is rather sad in nature, as thats where I keep all my life's negativity... I just store my worries and woes in a song and live on happily as I should be.

This is gods honest the first recording with no editing and completely off the top of my head. It's not perfect, but it's me... and I wanted to share that with you. The piano is a beautiful instrument, and it's about time I gave it the solo it's always deserved on my audio list.

So enjoy, and remember... this is completely impromptu... with my eyes closed.

Also this is a good chance for me to mention "The Great Canadian Audio Tour"... if you live in Canada and your an audio artist, you may have a chance to meet with me and other newgrounds artists in an in-person collaboration of talents and interviews. Check the audio forum for the topic of the same name.



I just took up toucanman's offer. I had alot to say. This song makes me think of my sister , why she commited suicide, what that did to everybody around her. I thought that I had to be strong, I thought that I had to be the strong one everyone could count on. It's not easy, I see my mom break down crying when she sees snything related to her and I just have to sit their and hold it in while she sits their and weeps. At the same time this song makes me think of all the good thingsthat have happened to me. you just taught a stubborn 13 year old how to cry again,
Thank you.

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i have heared before another piano solo songs, but this surely, it's the best of all

good job, i'm still waiting an epic style song from you :P

Good Heavens

I started listening to this song expecting only the very best and read the description and then stopped. I started it over, turned out lights and monitor, closed my eyes as well, and listened and thought. I highly suggest it to everyone, including you MMD.

The beauty of this song lies partly in the fact that it wasnt written down. Just when you think you know where the songs going, it gently sways in an unexpected direction. And although some notes didnt seem m100% perfect, the movement of the song is entirely more important, and u hit that dead on.

But now dan i urge you to sit back, listen again, and read what these people have told you. I find it amazing that newgrounds has its own little haven where those of us that need to cry can cry freely, and can be consoled by kind people with good hearts. Its almost hopeful, not the song itself, but the community that has grown around your music. It makes me want to help people go through times that we all have or will go through later in life. Please, anyone that needs someone to listen or just to vent, feel free to PM me and I will lend an ear, because its a song like this that just says "there are people out there who could desperatly use your help" and maybe we should pay attention to that voice a little more often.

Thank you Dan. My gratitude is endless, and thankyou fellow fans, for creating the best online community I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

- Craig -

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MilkMan-Dan responds:

Hey Craig,

Thanks for the review and the insight into this piece. I did exactly what you said, and you know... it was enlightening. I agree the newgrounds community that has gathered around me has been different than I ever expected and I thank everyone who has ever listened to, reviewed or saved a song of mine. Good hearts is right.

Thanks to you too Craig, Always an insightful reviewer.


I was there

and it rocked :)

I know a piano far less than you as I was never raised on it - but to play with your eyes closed still seems impressive to me. You say you put all your woes into your songs and thats why they sound sad - its funny how different we are that way - I put all my happiness into mine and make mine sound delicate and fresh, like a breath of heaven. It would be cool if we could combine that somehow :)


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Very smooth piece...

Yet again you proved that playing to destress oneself can produce astounding music pieces.
And while you're in that relieving process you hit every note where it should be. If you happen to record such pieces (as you did) you would be simply amazed what you've played.
I recall these awesome feelings several times myself where you try to relax and get away from every sadness . It gives me the chills every time I hear such pieces because I know what it feels like to play something like this.

keep up this awesome work!


btw.: The Piano sound is absolutley outstanding. Is it a real one?

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4.01 / 5.00

May 8, 2008
2:34 AM EDT
File Info
2.6 MB
2 min 49 sec

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