Beyond the Vision

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Started by messing around with filters and ended up being something epic. Tried my hand at some techno again, and it's amazing at how much better it is than my first attempt. thanks to my friend for helping me with it :D.

check it out and tell me what you think



Wonderful composition in this song.
Like S3C said, a little bit of clipping.

First off, the intro, threw me right in the middle of a giant technilogic field, and I didn't know what was going on. Trying to find out where the hell I was, and what was going on.
Getting used to it, the chord progression threw me into a fit of ecstasy, flying through technology as it advances through time.
As the piano came in everything speed up, got more intense.
It was like I went into a tight tunnel when the synth came in.
As everything dropped out I flew out into a huge open sky, ocean below.

Skimming the water as the piano and kick drum came back in.
As everything slowly went back together and ended abruptly, I found myself back in my chair in front of my computer.

Hope you liked my visual explanation =)

5/5 9/10

its great for being a 2nd attempt!

Really great production. Also, I wish I knew about filters and automation around my beginner(not that you sound like one) stages, I didnt know until a couple weeks ago and I've been doing this for about two years.

=The Good=
-The flow and sequencing is superb, very well organized
-Marvelous piano playing, great melodies...it reminds me a bit of a dimrain47 song (which most would consider good)
-Good usage of filters and automation in transitions
-Good backing progressions
-Lots of emotions packed in here
-Reall cool bassysnth
-Both the intro and conclusion were great....i like how you started with the filtering in and ended with the sliding down

=The Bad=
-There's some minor clipping in parts (sounds like the snare fuzzes a bit)-compression/limiters/soft clippers will solve this
-Piano could use some reverb (depth) and dynamics (realistic control)
-you need better drum samples...or atleast EQ and/or layer your samples more so they dont sound like the n00bish default ones. traditionally, reverb on the snare, more midbass on the kick (i can hardly hear it) and pan your hi-hats
-the snare 32nd rhythm in the beginning transition could use a bit more varied dynamics so it doesnt sound like a generic roll

Ideas: 8.5/10 Diversity: 8/10 Clarity: 7.5/10 Overall: 8/10

Great work mate, you've got a great future ahead of you if you can produce this for just starting!

Irishdragon92789 responds:

wow, thanks a lot. dimrain was my inspiration for creating my own music for newgrounds, so to be compared to him is probably one of the greatest compliments you could have given me haha. Thanks for giving me this in depth review, really appreciate taking time out of your day to critique my work. remind me to give your stuff the same amount of care haha


truly an amazing song, for just starting out in newgrounds, you are definately going to be an up and coming artist

this song proves that your ready to take on any challenge and if you continue making great songs like this, i just cant wait to listen to every single one.

true story,
i shed a tear

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May 7, 2008
10:37 PM EDT
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