CANON Techno- But Still Pretty

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SO yeah I have about roughly 6-7 hours in this song.. its one of my longest pieces as far as time put into it goes.. I tried to make this version with a techno feel but still make it sound pretty.. That is why there are no drums throughout the whole songs.. I feel that by putting in Percussion it would only ruin the beauty of the song.. The Piano is the lead instrument the whole time to make it sound pretty.. I didnt remake the actual Melody just mirely transposed it and added in some techno riffs as the background piece.. one thing that makes this song stand out is my use of panning in this song.. I have to 2 different parts,instruments, and sounds in each different speaker at some parts in the song.. so give it a listen to it and rate it please.. also review it but be constructive to your reviews as well.. I hope you all like it, I know I do and as long as yall like it, then thats all that matters



First off, it's good. You got the piano part right(probably, at least, since I don't know how to play piano). Also, glad ya didn't add drums. Woulda been nice if there was a violin or two in there, but ya prob'bly replaced 'em wit' the techno bits.
P.S. This song has been stuck in my head on and off for the past week... the origional, I mean... and I FINALLY learned the name of this song! (It's one of my personal favorites, and I only have, like, MAYBE 4 or 5 songs that I'm TRULY in love with, so ya did a damn good job on it, I must say. Maybe a good Beatles remix, perhaps? Hmm? How's that sound for 'ya?)
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really relaly good

wow its really nice but like dj xposed said you coulda added a LIL bit of percussion, like the calm drum line that x-posed was mentioning, but other than that, it is really a beatufiul piece that u added beats to and if this is YOUR playing, then your really good and this is really good work and the hours you put into making this is worth it cuz im guna download it and listen to it like evryday XD thank you for makin dis and keep up the amazing work
good job man

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

yeah I could have made some percusion I may go back and add some.. its just kinda hard to add a techno style percussion behind it without ruining the prettyness of the song.. and no its not me playing.. I cant play a piano lol this all fruity loops doing the work here lol.. I just added some dynamical contrast with the volumne swells, crescendos and sort but thanks for the review.. If I decide to add drums I will notify you with the new submission


Great trance with a classical feel to it. Great panning and everything, I have no criticisms .

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

appreciate it

voted 5

This song reminded me of graduation for some reason. Is this the song they usually play? lol.

I like that you added some leads and synths into this to spice it up a little. I quite enjoyed listening to this. It had a lot of great qualities to it. It sounded overall beautiful.
One problem though, the piano at the end was WAY too loud. Turn that down a little, and the ending would be better.
Overall good stuff. Keep em' coming!
-TMM43 (DJ-Pinke)

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

appreciate it man.. The piano was loud because I wanted to keep the energy of the song alive but I ran out of level lol.. so the only level left was MAX and it yeah it clipped but I didnt feel like starting the whole thing and backing down each tracks level so yeah lol

Its not techno.

I don't like how there's no percussion, there could atleast be some small hihat bits in there, or a calming drum line in there. I also don't like how you used presets of VSTs in there. Some things are too loud, also. The sound starts distorting around 1:40. You need to tone down the piano at certain parts.

I did however like that it was a remix of Canon, possibly my favourite piano solo piece ever made. I liked the arpegiations in there too. Very nice.

Keep trying, you'll soon be a great musician.

~Zariah X-POSED~
PS: Could you please check my latest song, One Final Goodbye, for me? Thanks!

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

heres my thought on the drums.. I actually had a hi-hat and cymbal and soft kick line built for this but it didnt seem right to put it in the song.. Because it felt like it needed more drums if I were to use just a hat and kick so i decided not to do drums with it.. thanks for the review though and actual critisicm.. not just saying hey its good or hey its bad.. i appreciate that

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