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Author Comments

Woot finally finished it after loads of work.
Umm...where should I start...Credits first:
-to UnknownError for helping me with a few stuff here and there.
-to the track "I Like to Move It Move It" for the inspiration.
-Of course to my parents for giving me birth,rising me...etc...etc...blah....

Anywayz had loads of fun doing this and hopefully you'll all like it. gl to myself in the future...

reviews are appreciated. NOT zero bombing is appreciated as well xD


Holy sheet!!XDXDXD

I loved this song.
I loved it to death.
No, I did not die in teh process of listening, but I sure came close to it.As x-X-FREAK-X-x stated, I pictured stuff like the one with the red alert, bomb, and such, but also something different.
You know teh Starfox games? If not, tisk, tisk! If so, then picture this: Fox and Wolf are at it again, and they're fighting in an asteroid field. It's very fast-paced, like extreemly fast-paced.
As Fox and Wolf dogfight (lol, pun), the camera zooms in and out on the highlights of teh fight, and the camera speeds up or goes slo-mo, all in accordance with teh music. The flying, maneuvers, gunshots, explosions all of it is going along with teh song.
Hey, if my animation software wasn't a piece o' crap freeware program, I would so do that.
By teh way, send me a message telling me how to get the program to create music. I would make such a great artist, if only I had teh chance to be one.
Do message me, will you, pleeeeeease?
Sincerely: guildassasan

Shinrog responds:

yup that's a nice scene to imagine, though I'd perefer it to be a minefield for more action =P

Great jam!

I could dance around to this for hours! Great work!

Shinrog responds:

For hours? o.o you little energetic dance robot ^^

What I picture and hear.

When I hear this song I picture some large rush of people running from something.
Like say a nuclear explosion.
Or maybe some guy in the army seeing his buddy get taken away and hes off to go save him.
Another thing I can picture is similar to the first.
Some guy is alone in some dark military base like the one in the single player mission of COD4.
Hes like all alone and there is a bomb about to go off and hes running through all the corridors and stuff to find an exit.
I think of this when you here that kinda lasery sound that you hear around 2:07 that reminds me off some alarm. Like something that would go off when there is like a Red Alert situation.
There is alot of other things I can picture but I'm just rambling on here.

Well aside from what I picture its about what I hear that most counts here.
Although a large amount of different sounds sometimes sounds very harsh and hurts the ears, you did a fantastic job on getting the volumes right.
You also seemed to keep a certain beat going but managed to differentiate it in many ways to keep it from getting to boring.
I've listened to it about 15 so times while writing this review and I havnt got bored of it.
I also like how it ended.
Although is was a simple fade out it ended at the right time.
The song wasn't to short or to long.
The thing I really liked though is how you made your transitions.
It wasn't a stop, lower volume, then quickly speed up transition.
You had different sounds fade away then come back later and join together to continue in a certain segment of the song.
IDK about the others but this is a very good, no, great song that deserves alot of notice.

(P.S-Sorry I couldn't seem to find the 11 option)

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Shinrog responds:

Lol longest review I've got on this piece so far. You're a COD4 fan as well? nice to know =)
It's not my regular style, but I relally liked working on something different for a change, and yeh, the volumes were a headache to fit eachother, especially in high-temo tracks (this one is 150 or 155, can't remember) and a pitched track like this 1. Glad you liked it and thx for rviewing!

Mmm oh oh OOOH!

It was like... you know... goood :D

Kept me hooked throughout the song. I DLed it to listen to it :D

Shinrog responds:

YEH download it! it's good! nah just kiddin...you don't have to DL if you dont want to =P


first of all thx for the reviews.
2nd of all, this was all good. Prob one of ma fave songs on NG, and that arp went really well with the melody. Cant say much about it, there are some minor things, but weeva.
Its an amazin song,
4.47 / 5.00 (+ 0.0014)


Shinrog responds:

Woot thanks! and next time don't be shy ( =P) and tell me bout the minor things as well =) opinions are good!

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4.45 / 5.00

May 2, 2008
3:56 PM EDT
File Info
5.6 MB
3 min 4 sec

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