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I used ACID 5.0 and Cool Edit 2. My friend and I used to make crappy rap songs a few years ago so, I took a break from screwing around with music (I hurt my own feelings). Recently, I picked it back up and we decided to try again because I felt I improved production wise. I hope you like it

I have to give credit to my brother who spent 30 minutes strumming to match my shit. I like that guy.

What do you want me to be?
A fucking angel?
I know I'm not perfect,
I'll even say so.
I've fucked up in my life,
I can't change that.
A lot of things I've done
I'd take back.
You're not perfect yourself so,
what are you trying to prove,
the only time that you can win is when I totally lose?

What the fuck do want from me?
How the fuck do you want me to be?

I'm not like you, man.
I'm not a robot.
I don't do things like you do.
I do what I want.
You want to change me.
I want you to stop.
Don't tell me that you're different
because you know that you're not.
You're a slave to the grind until you reach the top
but whose mountain do you climb just to reach that spot?

What the fuck do you want from me?
How the fuck do you want me to be?

I'm so sick of your shit.
Fuck what you have to say.
Everything you think of me
is gonna end today.
You gotta problem with me?
It's probably you.
I'm too busy fixing things you only tried to do.
Why don't you focus on yourself and just leave me alone.
I'm not tied down to anything.
I am free to roam.
I've cut the lies that bind us
to leave you chained
to the truth of our reality
that we were the same.

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Sounds fucking great dude, I think you invented a genre

pookicker responds:

Hahaa, thanks! But I wonder what the genre would be called... digimetagrungemop? I have know idea what the hell I'm talking about.


Totally pro. love the distortions and trebles. My only thing is that the end could be better considering how great the rest was. i was expecting a bigger finali. otherwise, hella SICK!!!

pookicker responds:

Thanks! You're right about the end, it should have been bigger. I'm going to try harder to keep everything exciting on the next one I do like this.


Reminds me of an ICP flipout if they went industrial.
The entire thing is tremendously polished, I'd only expect this kind of quality on signed CD's.

pookicker responds:

Thanks a lot! I actually tried to make ICP style raps once but, as it turns out, I don't have a real gift for the wicked shit.

Yes. Certainly sounds pro.

Very, very, very awesome job. The distortion definitely took it to pro sounding. Lyrics aren't bad either.

pookicker responds:

Thank you very, very, very, much!


it doesnt sound like you recorded that audio, or made that track, they both sound too rediiculously pro, and if you did, then i want acid 5 and cool edit 2, fuck FL and Audacity

and why is there distortion on perfectly good voice tracks?
the choppinh thing was cool, but got repeditive

pookicker responds:

Hahaa, I've been using ACID and Cool Edit for 6 years on and off so, I hope it sounds pro!

I used distortion on the vocals because the clarity of our voices actually hurt the aggressive tone of the song. I'm stuck on sample chopping mixed with MIDI. I don't know why.

Thanks for the positive review!

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May 1, 2008
2:32 AM EDT
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