+BsK+ Shion Emotion (Xenosaga)

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This is Shion's Emotion, From Xenosaga...I think it plays during the gameover sequence, Don't know for sure though.

I Actually subconciously learned this song. I make many originals on my piano. And one day I started playing bits and pieces of this, and slowly but surely, came up with this whole piece. I actually thought it was a great creation of mine. I slowly realized this sounded very familiar, Now at the time I had lost my Xenosaga Game, or lent it out. So I hadn't played it for at least a month or two. I asked my friend and he didnt know either, eventually I was browsing aorund Vg music and decided to play the song, and I was like "Woah THATS WHERE IT'S FROM". I've been able to play it since. I just changed the tempo of the song, changed the keys around a bit (kept the melody of course) and Added some very small hints of effects.

So this was the most annoying song I have ever played. Not in the fact of the song, But actually getting it on here. My line IN jack was(and still is) being very screwy, (thus causing that annoyign static...turn your volume low to help with it, I swear there's nothing I could do so plese don't let it effect your score) But I just had to deal with it. On top of that, I was playing the song while my keyboard was on my lap, and while recording I had no sounds to listen to what I was playing. I knew the song well enough that I could hear it in my head, but it still made it quite a bit more difficult to play. God I hope this gets some damn good reviews, There was too much work put into this one minute cover.

******Remember to Review if you like it...or hate it so I can learn to get better and If you review this I will review one of your songs if you ask. [I KNOW ABOUT that static so Don't tell me that's where I can improve, When I find a fix for this random problem (my jack hasn't caused my problems before, save once or twice) I will re upload the better version.]*************

Either way, Hope everyone Likes it See ya soon!

~~~Brad Kubota



This plays near the ending of the first game - the part where Shion thinks that Kos-Mos is dead. Of course, she isn't ^_^ but etc

The song is very good, but the reverb causes several losses in the song. Try listening through it and hear the parts where notes are overidden, then lessen the reverb there. Also, the ending is WEAK. (the last note, fix this!!!) It's like "build build build...dunt" o.O

beautiful piano track.

Lots of things this would be used for. Great track indeed. Very lovely to listen to. I'd agree with Chronamut on the peaking issues though i think some of the flaws help make this song as beautiful as it is. All together great work!


kaptainkewl responds:

Thanks for the Review! Other than that I really liked the effects to make the piano sound a BIT better than just a keyboard.

~~~Brad Kubota

not bad

still.. it could do with soundign a little crisper - adn there are some peaking issues - the fuzz isnt very diestractign so need to apologize for that - keep on improving man!


kaptainkewl responds:

Thanks alot for the review. Always good to hear some actual critisism compared to, "that was good" Have a good one and catchya around.

~~~Brad Kubota

Game over

I remember hearing this song so many times... Great job, man.

kaptainkewl responds:

If it "IS" the game over theme, Thats probabaly not the best thing :P. I actually remember how tough this game was, So I heard it quite a bit as well. Thanks for the review!

~~~Brad Kubota


Very awesome. I know how it is where you find a song all by yourself on the piano and it just, fits something. Then one day, you realize that you heard it before and it all comes to you! Lots of relations to this. Good job.

kaptainkewl responds:

It's good to hear you play/compose. Piano is definatly my favorite instrument to play on (save a violin If I had one, or could play properly for that matter) Thanks for the great review!!!

~~~Brad Kubota

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