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My First Love Remix

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Author Comments

Hey you guys, sorry it's been a while since I've last posted stuff, but I'm working on some big stuff! :)

I was bored, so Me and my homie Seth from Kung Fu Dropouts decided to mess with an instrumental we had lying around.

Please make sure to let me know what you guys think!

New material is on the way, so stay tuned!!!


like it!

but its no longer RnB its now.....well i guess u could call it RRnB (as in remix r n b)

kenubo responds:

Yeah, I know can't tell where to put this song. lol. Thanks for the review!

coming from another genre...

i, a gabber/ speedcore/ hardstyle man, and coming from that i was like ah this musics gonna be shit.
i only came into the RnB section to show a lady friend of mine that there is some good shit on newgrounds and she likes RnB so i was like ill show her a song from that and i chose this song coz it was like on the top of the list practically,

not a bad song, well done mate, this song has meaning.


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kenubo responds:



Track: My First Love Remix
Artist: Kenubo feat Seth(KFD)
Produced: N/A


***It's actually good stuff. I would have balanced the entire track differently though if I was the Myxer/Producer. Your just a bit disconnected from the music sometime. Also smooth out your harmonies and bring the volume on them down a little bit. Those vocals need to be real smooth with this track. Don't hit the harmony so tough, just be smoooth with it. Instead of "You WERE my first love" Try "yoou weeeere my firsttt loove....(fade)" if you can feel what im saying...make it legato so it doesn't follow so heavy on the drums, it needs to flow easily.***

Higher notes carry further and are naturally louder to the ears thus need to be softer or they overpower lower notes, and generally the lower note is more important, as they tend to be the foundation of the harmony chord. I would have used different vocal harmony notes though but for the most part I liked the note selection.

Also I thought your voice as smooth as it was could have had a bit more heart in it towards the middle. The heart was there at the start but emotionally faded out towards the end. Also another sidenote is your voice is on a bit of a low end mic I guess so. So you gotta EQ it and Dynamically Process it.

Honestly towards the center levels, the notes begin to leave your easy-smooth natural level. So I would have lowered the key of the beat so the note peak was a bit lower so you don't have to strain to hit the peak notes on the chorus. It just seemed strained a bit hitting the WEREs and such. Overall though I loved the concept, it would be ten times better if the harmonies were smooth and the voice was EQ to have a higher tonal phase. Love it though.

-The RAP didn't have good lyrics honestly.
-The rhymes themselves were bad in general because they got highlighted, like each word that word rhymed was really underlined, either by direct pauses or the voice being louder. "Doesn't encourage me to remember the lines."
-To many syllables in some of the words I suppose, sounds like speeding through words to get to the next line.
-The stops inbetween the lines for the harmony lines felt forced instead of natural. Like there was nothing else to say, so he stopped: then harmony. "Neither pleasant to listen to or creative." If it was one of those it'd be ok.
-In general raps don't have to rhyme constantly but they need to atleast be poetic in form. This did neither.
-On a creative expressive tone the rap in general didn't do anything for the song and had no feeling behind it. Raps in RnB songs like this need to be smooth like the vocals no exception. Your singing about love, he needs to rap about love and feel it. I feel no emotion, make us feel emotional. First love! Come on that's what's important. Tell a story about her. Her being "FINE" is ok, but the song is deeper then that. Match it emotionally. That's really why I didn't like the rap. It lacked poetic quality and depth.

Overall MIX the track better as far as balance all across the board, harmony lines generally need to be underneath the lead and softer. "I'm not saying that to fit some sort of status quo. I'm saying it because it sounds much better and the quality of the harmonies are more pronouced."

Final Thoughts and Summary.

Vocal Lead-Good needs better balance and EQ. Loved the AD-LIBS though. Those "yeahs and mmms" were soulful. Nice.
Vocal Harmony-Balance.

*8* RnB truely.

sick sick sick

I have listen to alot of songs on here and its really good im in a group and we gotta record label and everything imma download this. eh you think i could get the lyrics. especially the beat. I mite be able to hook you up ill talk to my manager.

Sick .

Killed it . Awesome track .

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
12:46 AM EDT
File Info
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4 min 2 sec

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