The Silver Monster

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Remastered - rethought: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/230584

Person I knew..
We once pulsed together.
A total collapse caught us.
Your end. My End. Who's really to say?
Person I Knew..
Maybe I'll meet you again.
Not now. Not in some odd months.
Or even some weird years.
could be a decade..
who's to say?
I've got my bet on another life time.
So you wont have to count the seconds..
Person I knew; another life time.
Yeah, That sounds about right..


further words:

Every week i returned to the shores, stood in the exact place, with the moon high in the sky. It was almost as if i had never moved in between that first night and the new nights. The smell of salty air danced in my nose, and i'd dig my toes into dry sand..

Again, as before, It arose from the sea; the silver monster. Against a frail moon its oblong limbs swayed. From its slim fingers rained falls of water. Its eyes pulsed with a fatigued red glow and its stance held a disposition that translated just that. It lumbered towards the shore with a ponderous step. Like slow motion film in stepped, stepped towards the shore. A gasp, i held my breath, in hopes that i would forget a breath and die, only in order to make sure this event was real. Never have i seen a phenomenon like this before. I couldn't move. Not stricken with fear. It was as if the sight stopped time.

It sank its burly soles into the wet sand and looked down to me. It did not say a word. I could not tell if it even blinked. It stared for a long time, as if trying to translate messages to me. I felt a pull at my heart. Like someone or something dig into my chest and took a hold on my aorta, all the while tugging gently. I said nothing and the giant reached down for me. Its limber fingers dug into the sand with easy and picked me up. I had rattled about. Bouncing from finger to finger, trying to keep balance as it pulled me upwards in a rush of cool midnight air. I clutched its ring finger and off we went away from the shores and towards the forests. Through the tree's we raced, I, holding steady on a ridge of wrinkled water logged skin. As our journey wore on, i loosened my grip, and with the stance of a wayward sea explore i stood tall. The sharp winds cut through my hair and whipped my clothing. Looking past the webbing of the giants fingers i could see i was high above the canopy, high above the earth, above everything.

I didn't know how far we would go. I didnt care if we had stopped. I was sure this monster had to return to the sea at some time. I looked back to it. To see its face, It looked as if it were wearing a mask of some sort. A mask of hardened sand. Etched upon the visage there was an artistic smile. I held fast, standing strong, smiling back.


Have at it... let it swell your temporal lobe.

(Edit* Baseline added, added another set of piano chords, small glitch tweaks, jazzy rides at the end added - Please enjoy - Also, The variant to this track is new! The Black Monster! )

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Your Songs..

They make it where people can listen to the beautiful voice you convey through your inner soul's whispers. While using ear grinders, and people don't complain. That my friend is true art. Your songs are also how the mind works. It's never quiet. It's full of fragments, and images through out our whole life we have brought in life a fmaily brings in a lost puppy.
Very well put.
Never fail to amuse me.

Same idea as Sloan...

It's just... a calming, sporadic piece of work. It jumps around while staying still. As for the youtube idea... I really need to express this. Your short entry in your comments made the song even more close to heart. It's just like there's this epic, monstrous creature that is very gentle.

I love this song.

Lapse responds:

Thank you. I'm glad you heard it well. Makes me happy to see you enjoy : )

a calm and controlled chaos. A nice mix, aye.


Great song, what program do you use?
I'm using the FL8 Demo right now.
Can't save
You wouldn't mind if i put together a music video of this would you?
Post it on youtube?
I'll give full credit to you for the song. I just noticed there wasn't a video out there for it.

Lapse responds:

I've been using FL for a long time now (FL7 is what i'm using now)

I've been there on the demo's - cant save - i used to actually leave the program running for days while i worked on some simple songs then export - ahhaaa, those were the days.

I would be honored to have you put together a music video man! For sure. I actually have a buddy here on Newgrounds under the name: "No1r" who's been working on a music video for me for a while now - he's been compiling scenery from around where he lives - i cant wait to see it in its completion! There's actually a redone version of this song that i recommend you check out as well. It can be found here:

http://www.groundzeroprojects.com/pro file/AloysiusRexford

(i took it down from newgrounds)

I would be glad to give you the download somehow through aim or msn or something. Hit me up with a message, man.

I believe this is my favorite song

It's completely unique. I love it.
I used it in one of my videos I made for youtube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ruq41 QxZwo&feature=channel_page

Lapse responds:

Awesome man, thats really cool.

Truly Amazing...

I really felt the emotions in this track....

Lapse responds:

Awesome man - I'm glad you get something out of it!

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Apr 24, 2008
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