Fathers Day (EQ)

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This is the 2nd song I created in memory of my dad (the other being "Forever Missed") I think this track is more emotional than the other as I created it a year after his passing (4 years ago)

If you like strings and emotion in your song then you should hopefully like this...


a loved one of my family died too

But it wasnt by dad it was my grandpa well actually 2 of my grandpas they both died within a 4 month time area last year... my first grandpa from a stomach disorder.. my second one from a very slow heartbeat... he had to get a quadruple bipass but it was too late too save him../ he died 1 day b4 thge operation... if he lived for one more day he could have been saved.. but alass.. he didnt make it. =( IT was a very sad time 4 me it happened between the break of my first song and my second song... it took me 3 months too make another song cuz i was so sad.. my first grandpa died b4 i signed up on this website... my second gerandpa 2 die's name was Leonard my first grandpas name.. was Bob.. *sigh they will both be missed but let me tell you the story of my first grandpa... You see it all started in june of last year.. when his disease began... you see he had to be fed from a tube with a machine... which gave him vital nutrients he was like that for the rest of july then.. he went into a coma.. the doctors said they couldn't save him.. so we watched him slowly fade away from this world... he finally passed away on August 17th 2008 he was a member of the us military so he got a 5 gun salute.. atleast he is in a better place now... very nice song.. and very emotional.

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Having lost my own father, this song speaks volumes to me. I too have memories of beach shores and listening to the wind whisper soft words in a safe place. It's terrible that we lose the ability to share these things with those whom we love and loved the most.

I am sorry for your loss, and hope that you reconsider keeping your account closed here at Newgrounds. Consider that if you had done that sooner, I might never have stumbled across this composition, and might never have been impacted by it. Isn't that alone reason enough to put it out there?

Either way, I wish you luck both in music and in life. Your work is fantastic.

Very Emotional, Hit Me Hard.

My Dad passed awaay just before my 10th birthday, and this song made me cry.

Its very emotional, and really expresses itself when you listen to it.

man i feel your pain...

Although my father has not passed... i have found myself nearly losing him to a car accident... and while in hospital... all i could do was think of my life, without my dad.... and how much it would be so empty... he will always be a huge idol for me and i am so... SO sorry that you had to lose yours so soon. You made an amazing song here... It definately sooths the soul and calms me down... and gives me a chance to shed a much needed tear... sometimes people we need to cry... it cleanses you... you often feel so much better when you can cry. so do not be ashamed to do it.

aww man.. this song made me cry..

I really love this song.. and I had to think of my gramps.. my gramps has cancer but he had an sergery but it already spred out into the rest of his body and still we don't know if he will die because of this horrible cancer.. I really love my gramps but if he has to leave this world because of that decise then I think I will sing a song for him ( I am singing in my band but we just started a year ago so not really that big ;) ) anyway I added this to my favorites.. when I feel sad or angry I think I will turn on my laptop and listen this song to calm down.. so I kinda have to thank you for this.

Equation responds:

Thank you for the review, it is kinda calming aint it I like the water synth in there, sounds like a proper sea :)

I hope your gramps is ok too, it's nice that your there to support him and i'm sure he's happy to know he's loved.

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