Awakening of the Sphinx

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An egyptian sounding track. atleast I think so. My most grand work- 13-14 instruments used in here.

Enjoy, and please write a review!


where can i get the game??

very classical
its kinda 10000 bc

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Thanks :)

I guess there's a demo for it...

http://www.bigbluecup.com/games.php?a ction=detail&id=388

you my good sir!

this is hardcore.

sounds like something Metroid-Banjo kazooie like beat.
good work. but kinda slow in the beggining and the end.
but still.....

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

I thought Metroid-Banjo Kazooie had a cartoony sound O_o

and thanks!


Jello in my pudding good sir what are you doing!?
This song sounds like the following words

'Grey, Blue, Fast, Advancing, Pounding, Thrust, Punch, Depression, Uprising, Awake, Adult, Sausage, Hungry, Thick, Pounce'

the best review ever!

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

it is indeed the best review ever sir!!!! Thank you chocolate vanilla and lemon swirl! except, where the hell did you get sausage from though XD


I like how the song goes from vocals to strings and drums at 1:25, and I like the mysterious yet majestic and adventurous sound to this track. I can imagine this track being used in an Indiana Jones movie.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

haha nice never thought of that 8) thanks for the review man


It's been a while since I left a review on anything (not including the drunken flaming I did yesterday :P)

Argh this sounds so tight with my new head phones. Those bass drums sound so gorgeous. The horns are like sex in my ears. Strings sound a little thin... might be the mix, might be my own personal tastes. Who knows :)

The vocals attack too quickly and sound extremely synthetic because of that. Play with the envelope of that a bit. Other than the attack, they sound great. Nice and thick.

What program do you use? I might have asked that before, but I'll ask it again :P

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Glad to see you here Quarl! I'm pleased that you like this one :)

The strings are indeed thin, no contrabass or viola and the chords are actually just octave stabs, so yeah :)

As for the choir, that's a good idea, I got might try messing with the volume envelope a bit.

I use FL studio- but I assume you're interested in what the samples and sounds are :) East West Symphonic Gold is what I use, and the choirs are actually a free soundfont called "flobakks" .

Thanks for the review Quarl :D

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Apr 19, 2008
8:59 PM EDT
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