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"The God program is up and running"
This song has really bad EQing, but I'd like to get some feedback. I'm thinking of extending it to over 10 minutes long, but this is it for now. A few days messing about with a dance club beat. All synths were made from scratch in sytrus.
This song has numerous points of inspiration, the first, and most prominent is the epic science fiction novel "The Broken God", which is one of the most intelligently written book I have ever read (not true, I'm only about 250 pages in). Other inspirations are the mega drive sonic games, the tunes from those games have some kickass melodies, and I strive to get that slick melodic neatness that those games provided. Guitar Hero series: A lot of songs from the games are awesome, and the quick intricate riffs capture a style that makes those songs awesome to play and to listen to, and so it's a further inspiration for the melodic stage at which I aim to be. Daft Punk (in particularly, their "Discovery" album) is the only real commercial electronica that I listen to. That album has a considerable variety between tracks, despite all being electronica. That's kind of how I like to see electronic music, not as "techno" or "trance" etc, but as something synthesized from computers, and isn't really limited to certain generalisations. So I kinda did my own Daft Punk inspired electronica. There's also the electronic stuff that I listen to on NG. Not too much, just a bit every now and then, cornandbeans, waterflame, the usual.

I've also recently developed an urge to push for the MaestroRage philosophy on composing, that is to aim to portray stories through the music, and that's kind of the whole thing here, capturing the world in which The Broken God takes place. Neverness, the city of light, where the streets are colour coded glidderies in which people skate through into the farsider's quarter, the imprimatur shop is where you can imprint whole alien languages directly into your brain. You can hook your brain into the computer of a spaceship and control it with your mind. You can travel through space by mapping out planets through pure mathematics, in a number storm. The whole thing is very detailed and intricate, and intelligent.

Oh yeah, I just remembered, the whole "basing a song after a book" totally came to me after EchozAurora's Brain Cocktail, based on a movie I've never seen, but I like that form of inspiration anyways.

And furthermore, I'm kind of doing a lot more stuff that has a story/deeper meaning behind it, and I'm thinking if I can get enough good stuff together, I might try and get out a second EP (lawl at releasing CDs for fun that'll never actually be in a CD store), I like the name "Origin of Inspiration" or "Origin of Intelligence".

Anyway, enjoy this song. It took less than a week to put together, but a few days of decent effort. I haven't submitted anything this month yet, so I hope you'll like this!




A very good track with lots of variations in it. I especially liked the beginning. The effect you used here does sound as if the whole song would wow and flutter.

Throughout the song you had various breaks and variations from the main beat, which made the song very interesting. It's much more joyful to listen to a song where actually is something happening than to the same boring beat for about 5 minutes. ^^

If you want to extend this over 10 minutes you have to make sure to offer the same variety you offer here in this "short" version, or else it would get boring very quickly.

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WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I think it's up over 6 minutes now, and the additions are completely different to the already existing material. New synths, some traditional instruments, so I'd like to mess with that a whole bunch and change around with those instruments, and I'm thinking about putting another set of instruments in there after that to get a large variety.
Thanks for the review and 10. I'm glad you like it, I've always been a bit unsure how the end result would be on electronica tracks, but I guess I'm starting to find more of a flow.

great potential here

Though it may be a little too harsh and somewhat more repetitive than I like, I do enjoy this track. Does it make me think of a 'broken god'? Not being a theist myself I'm not quite sure, but maybe that doesn't matter! It has that trance-quality that's appropriate to existential musings today, and I sense a wounded machine inside a mess of red electric colors.

But I'm no music geek, so I feel inadequate to recommend improvements to your synth work. I figure it could be better, but I can't say for sure what's wrong.
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WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the review!
The "broken god" thought is specific to the novel it refers to, as a universal feeling for a god is hard to define musically, let alone a broken one. The book kind of represents gods like computers. In a prequel, one human becomes a god by linking his mind to a computer and accessing knowledge only a god could know.

I appreciate the effort put into your review, despite your inability to define technical issues. As you've said, there's potential. And I would like to work it more to get more of the precision sound I was looking for.


I can see what you mean by bad EQ, some sounds in there were a little muddy, and also a bit harsh on the ear, but I'm guessing you were meant to do that?

I think the structure and composition of this track is great, flows well and isn't *too* repetitive. There's also some great riffs in there.

The only thing I could suggest is eqing (of course) and the kick needs to be sharper and punchier, right now it's just too rounded and soft and maybe you could add a little side-chaining in there to bring the kick out a bit and make it more .. rythmic or danceable, if you know what I mean?

Anyways, good luck on future tracks :3

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, the synths are quite gritty and when they're all together, they're kinda interfering with eachother and I think it gets way too loud at some points.
I messed about with that kick so damn much. It's got a little delay on it that's barely noticeable that has a cool effect. I might bring that out a bit more, and play around with it a bit, like you said, sharper sound and a sidechain would be cool.
Thanks for the review and encouragement.

Nice trance. :)

I love it

the synths are perfect and it gives a sorta.. out of control feeling.

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WritersBlock responds:


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