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"The God program is up and running"
This song has really bad EQing, but I'd like to get some feedback. I'm thinking of extending it to over 10 minutes long, but this is it for now. A few days messing about with a dance club beat. All synths were made from scratch in sytrus.
This song has numerous points of inspiration, the first, and most prominent is the epic science fiction novel "The Broken God", which is one of the most intelligently written book I have ever read (not true, I'm only about 250 pages in). Other inspirations are the mega drive sonic games, the tunes from those games have some kickass melodies, and I strive to get that slick melodic neatness that those games provided. Guitar Hero series: A lot of songs from the games are awesome, and the quick intricate riffs capture a style that makes those songs awesome to play and to listen to, and so it's a further inspiration for the melodic stage at which I aim to be. Daft Punk (in particularly, their "Discovery" album) is the only real commercial electronica that I listen to. That album has a considerable variety between tracks, despite all being electronica. That's kind of how I like to see electronic music, not as "techno" or "trance" etc, but as something synthesized from computers, and isn't really limited to certain generalisations. So I kinda did my own Daft Punk inspired electronica. There's also the electronic stuff that I listen to on NG. Not too much, just a bit every now and then, cornandbeans, waterflame, the usual.

I've also recently developed an urge to push for the MaestroRage philosophy on composing, that is to aim to portray stories through the music, and that's kind of the whole thing here, capturing the world in which The Broken God takes place. Neverness, the city of light, where the streets are colour coded glidderies in which people skate through into the farsider's quarter, the imprimatur shop is where you can imprint whole alien languages directly into your brain. You can hook your brain into the computer of a spaceship and control it with your mind. You can travel through space by mapping out planets through pure mathematics, in a number storm. The whole thing is very detailed and intricate, and intelligent.

Oh yeah, I just remembered, the whole "basing a song after a book" totally came to me after EchozAurora's Brain Cocktail, based on a movie I've never seen, but I like that form of inspiration anyways.

And furthermore, I'm kind of doing a lot more stuff that has a story/deeper meaning behind it, and I'm thinking if I can get enough good stuff together, I might try and get out a second EP (lawl at releasing CDs for fun that'll never actually be in a CD store), I like the name "Origin of Inspiration" or "Origin of Intelligence".

Anyway, enjoy this song. It took less than a week to put together, but a few days of decent effort. I haven't submitted anything this month yet, so I hope you'll like this!



Good, not great...

Everything sounds well placed here. Not quite enough progression/variation for my liking, but it's a quality tune I could totally boogie to - could almost see it being played at a club with a few changes.

The starting beats and electronic melody is awesome. Gets When the beats drops off at 0:30, the melody carries the beats nicely, but after the 'revving up' at 36s, I'd hoped for some harder beats or an extra layer or two to be instantly present.

The melody that fades in around the 1:00 mark sounds cool, but is lacking in 'punctuation' if you know what I mean - each beat has the same strength, so it feels a tad flat. Maybe some accompanying occasional beats of some sort would help make it more suitable for dancing to. Hope you know what I mean.

To be honest, that's a wee bit of a problem - it's like the tune doesn't know if it wants to be a thumping dance track to be played in the foreground and either danced or worked to, or if it wants to be the kinda fast-yet-chilled track that you can put in the background, will give you a bit of energy, not hurting any hangovers nor really encouraging dancing with a heavy beat. Maybe it's just me, but the cilldown at 3:00 is also something I wouldn't expect to hear from a quality dance track. I'm all for varying the tempo. so halving the BPM momentarily to provide a respite seems reasonable. However, turning it into a 'flatliner' for 20s seems a bit much, let alone the earlier slow section.

The bit starting at 1:35 is pretty wild.

The 3:00 melody is pretty uplifting - kinda like we're rising up, flying almost...

It is a quality melody and good to listen to, but not something I can have a lot of fun dancing to and nor does it have truly stupendous melodies that would keep me coming back for more.

Sorry I can't be more precise in my review. Feel free to review this review, giving it a low mark. ;-)

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WritersBlock responds:

No, not at all, I thought it was a very good review. You clearly put a lot of thought into it, and I admire you for speaking so openly about your criticisms for this track. How else will I learn? Yeah, so thanks for that.

Good stuff

Sounds like you've been allowing yourself to become immersed in this type of music. Looking through your notes of how you've been inspired, I can see how this would fit in well with certain areas of Sonic the Hedgehog, for example.

I haven't listened to Daft Punk for an age, I'll have to go through my collection and dig out some of their classics.

This would be useful if added to some sort of puzzle game, so long as you turned the volume down a bit - this is just a little on the loud side for the distraction factor. I liked the addition of the backing bass, as it adds a whole new dimension to the tune, which some artists tend to ignore. You really can't forget it in a trance track, as it is so prominent.

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WritersBlock responds:

Hey, thanks, man.
I guess one thing that I'm better at now than aerlier on, is that I'm looking at the song as a whole, rather than as "this instrument, that instrument", so that they blend together better. I love messing about with unusual basslines in this style. It'd be pretty cool if this was used in a puzzle game. Puzzle games are awesome, which means that I'd probably play it a fair bit. =P
Cheers, great review. I'm so glad you liked it.


This was a pretty cool tune, i liked the beginning and end of it, both were really cool. I liked that there was plenty of variation throughout the track so it didnt get boring :P
I like the choice of sounds you have used here, all put together they sound strange and interesting but still good. I cant think of anything for you to change in it really so keep up the good work my man!!!

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it. <3

pretty tubaler

This is pretty sweet for a trance tune


I hope you make more awesomeness

Some parts it seems to go haywaire but hey i guess it goes like it should in the end doesnt it?

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it. I'd like to do more of this sort of stuff.


First thing that srikes me about this is the way it's played, it sounds to be done very well yes but the choice of sounds is quite intresting, they work together and everything but they give a kind of strange sound, lol. It's not a bad thing, infact I like the way it sounds and how everything here comes together, it's also pretty loud, that's not a bad thing since it works loud with this.

I've no real suggestions on how to improve this, I don't really think you could make this any better, the length is good and the veriation is also very good. Everything here seems to work very well, so really good job overall on this track.



= Review Request Club =

WritersBlock responds:

Well, thanks! I'd like to make the mix a bit better, I don't like the volumes in some parts, my headphones start popping a bit, and I think some extra clarity would be nice. I've done a bit of building on it, but it's quite different, and it'll kind of be a song in three contrasting parts... I think. Well I have to get the other 2 done first.
I understand what you mean by "strange sound". The synths were a bit of an experiment, and the effects were packed on, to really max out the sound, and get an odd sci-fi/outer space type vibe. Although in the new section I started on, it's got a very generic techno synth in there.

Cheers for the awesome review. <3

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