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+The Broken God+

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"The God program is up and running"
This song has really bad EQing, but I'd like to get some feedback. I'm thinking of extending it to over 10 minutes long, but this is it for now. A few days messing about with a dance club beat. All synths were made from scratch in sytrus.
This song has numerous points of inspiration, the first, and most prominent is the epic science fiction novel "The Broken God", which is one of the most intelligently written book I have ever read (not true, I'm only about 250 pages in). Other inspirations are the mega drive sonic games, the tunes from those games have some kickass melodies, and I strive to get that slick melodic neatness that those games provided. Guitar Hero series: A lot of songs from the games are awesome, and the quick intricate riffs capture a style that makes those songs awesome to play and to listen to, and so it's a further inspiration for the melodic stage at which I aim to be. Daft Punk (in particularly, their "Discovery" album) is the only real commercial electronica that I listen to. That album has a considerable variety between tracks, despite all being electronica. That's kind of how I like to see electronic music, not as "techno" or "trance" etc, but as something synthesized from computers, and isn't really limited to certain generalisations. So I kinda did my own Daft Punk inspired electronica. There's also the electronic stuff that I listen to on NG. Not too much, just a bit every now and then, cornandbeans, waterflame, the usual.

I've also recently developed an urge to push for the MaestroRage philosophy on composing, that is to aim to portray stories through the music, and that's kind of the whole thing here, capturing the world in which The Broken God takes place. Neverness, the city of light, where the streets are colour coded glidderies in which people skate through into the farsider's quarter, the imprimatur shop is where you can imprint whole alien languages directly into your brain. You can hook your brain into the computer of a spaceship and control it with your mind. You can travel through space by mapping out planets through pure mathematics, in a number storm. The whole thing is very detailed and intricate, and intelligent.

Oh yeah, I just remembered, the whole "basing a song after a book" totally came to me after EchozAurora's Brain Cocktail, based on a movie I've never seen, but I like that form of inspiration anyways.

And furthermore, I'm kind of doing a lot more stuff that has a story/deeper meaning behind it, and I'm thinking if I can get enough good stuff together, I might try and get out a second EP (lawl at releasing CDs for fun that'll never actually be in a CD store), I like the name "Origin of Inspiration" or "Origin of Intelligence".

Anyway, enjoy this song. It took less than a week to put together, but a few days of decent effort. I haven't submitted anything this month yet, so I hope you'll like this!


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Nice trance. :)

holy SHIT!

this is fucking awesome dude its...its...its just awsome it is fast it has excellent beats i generally dont appraise synth but this is good enough for me to ignore that fact. the long low "burns" were good excellent use of the beats.
and if your following maestro rage i am a devoted fan already.
keep up the good work.

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I'm a fan of Maestro's work, and I admire him as a person. Over the past year, I've felt that I've learned a lot about different styles and ways to build a song. I like to mess around with all different types of genres. Thanks for the reviews, it's great to recieve this kind of support. Thank you.

Nice song dude

what an excellent song, the fade out at like 130 was outstanding espcially with the instant explosion of sound afterwards, this is easily my third favorite song of yours right underneath Factory and Interlude. Youve got some mad skills dude keep up the awesome work

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. I feel like I'm on the up and up. I've got some new songs in the works and although I feel they could be better, I'll hopefully exersize some mixing/mastering skills in there and brush up on that.
Thanks for the review and the support!

Gives a Creapy but happy feeling

kinda reminds me of metroid fusion

the bass needs to be kinda louder

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, the mixing in this song = shit.

I love it

the synths are perfect and it gives a sorta.. out of control feeling.

WritersBlock responds:


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Apr 19, 2008
11:14 AM EDT
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