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Moonlight Through Misty A

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Moonlight Walking Through Misty Air :.

The waves crept in between the webs of your toes. You wiggled them a bit, the crumbs of sand begging to be brushed off. Subtly, the breeze tugged at the loose edges of your off white shirt. Fading in the distance behind you, birds layed their weary wings to rest - The night crowd was about to come alive. Against the dreary light of the moon your eyes caught a silvery glow. Like a metal reflecting watery sheen. Out of the glowing ocean ahead something was rising. The surface of the water began to split and a large lump like head with jagged shadowed features appeared. Falls of water spilled from its shoulders and down its chest. The features were ominous. The moons back light caused far too much distortion now as the building like beast stood. It was visible from its thighs up.

You didnt feel fear. You didnt scream. In fact, no sound was made. Not by you and not by it.
For a long while you looked to each other. For a long while you listened to the soothing slap of waves against the crooked dock. For a long while you thought you should call out to it. For a long while you stared into its emotionless glowing eyes.

"Hey.." you wanted to meekly muster.
Ask it what it was...
Who it was...
Why it was...
if it was...

Ask it to take you with it.

It most certainly looked like it had something convey and from such a long distance you couldnt take hold of it. As you watched, and as sand eroded it turned and wandered away, then finally down. You weren't quite sure what to think, let alone do. For something of such a sight to be real was a for sure a psychotic delusion. You sat down, atop the sand. Your bottom sunk in, then your back and shoulders, till finally your head felt the cool grains. Quietly, you let the rhythm of the crickets fill your ears until you slipped away.


(This is a parallel track to Sunlight Walking Through Dusty Air - I don't believe I've put so much effort into a song till this one. Jesus. I'm glad its finally finished!!! You'd better enjoy damn it! Drop some thoughts.)


wow you though of a good song

i could shut my eyes and listen to the beat...its ausome!!! yey mabe you should make a remix to this song then i think this would be ausome even more...
good job man^^

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Lapse responds:

Heh heh, thanks man, im glad it made you move. This is one of my favorites. This is actually sort of a remix of another song of mine. Which is "Sunlight Through Dusty Air". I think i plan on making more version of this though. Keep your ears pealed.

: D


This is great . what do you use to make the drums

Lapse responds:

Thank you. I use FL

Speak of the devil...

I was just browsing some of my favorite songs and after to listening to your song The Silver Monster,
I saw this.

First thing I thought was...Moonlight...Sunlight...uh...


You did so much more with this.

You have way more variation in your piano, your opening theme is more defined in the original. It sounds...happier, in a sense. The other sounded a bit melancholy.

The drums were great. The glitching went more with the beat. It was random in the right spots, if that makes sense lol. The voice was a nice touch. Couldn't understand a lick of what was said, but awesome regardless. Everything just melted together so nicely.

What I loved about this song is everything compliments another. My attention doesn't avert to the piano the entire song. I go from the piano, to the beat, to the synth. The whole thing is just captivating.

I wish I could offer some sort of constructive criticism towards this, but alas, I feel that I am in no position to critique something as good as this.

And you better believe that I enjoyed it damn it!

And now I realize what your music reminds me of.

The KPax soundtrack!!

That was a bit random but yeah...lol

Heart-felt right here.

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Lapse responds:

Eh-hehehe : D

I'm glad to see you enjoy this one. This is probably the most work I've put into any one song. So the turn outs been well. I'm going to start even more meticulous work on songs from now on.

With this track, i was really working on making variations and transition and a smooth even flow into such. So i think it turned out well from all the good responses : D

Heh the man was saying:
"I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise out of the sea."

I wanted everything to be interesting in this song, so i worked with everything individually and such. So it worked out! : D

Haha, the KPax soundtrack? I've never seen that movie actually!

I'm glad you dropped by for another review and glad you really liked this song.

Keep listening! Fill that lobe.

(ps: if your intersted, or havent noticed yet, i actually went back and changed up "The Silver Monster" a bit, added some stuff to it! Might be worth checking out :D )

Another great tune

First off, I'd like to aplogize for ruining your perfect 10/10 streak, I'm trying to objectively grade based with my criteria ("9" is great, "10" is perfect with no room for improvement- not on NG, very very rarely.) Of course, my personal taste will still influence my score...here and there....

You've really impressed me with your control over the glitch and IDM effects you use - it's no easy job. I would know. I've tried making this type of music for years but just am no good. And I thought you did a great job with the Silver Monster song - well compared to this, I think those effects were a bit random and overdone now :P This is perfect.

I really enjoyed the opening sequence, another interesting melody. Like that choice of instrument that sound a bit like a guitar, and it fits great with the IDM drums. I dig the atmosphere once again. Piano chords are great. A lot more melodical content in this one for sure. Again, love the melodies and harmonies. Feels so nice to the ear. Bird tweets were a nice touch, and I really do appreciate the way you add a complex structure to every little bit, making the finished product sound all the better.

The phase after the vocals- great! Excellent placing of the retriggered hat bits, and the bitcrushed sound, the reverse effects to transition to different patterns, fusing it all together creating a visual, complex and very interesting, unique rhythm. That's all I have to say, I like it much!

Can't think of any improvements in here, to be honest. All the certain parts are pieced together very effectively, you've filled all the ranges (not a lot a bass, but I wouldn't be too focused on that, track doesnt need energy in that department. However, if you maybe layered the kick with an 808 deep subkick, it might make the sound more fuller. Just something you might want to experiment with in the future). Hmm...mixing could be a bit better I'd assume. You're good at spacing/panning and making all the individual instruments sound well defined. But the drums, while they're great and all, could probably be a bit better. Experiment with making your breakbeats from scratch, instead of using sliced breakbeats, if you're not already. Experiment with making your own samples, layer and resample them, run filters through them, all that jazz...Just might take your stuff to the next level. Sorry to stretch for fault, but I just always feel like handing out suggestions. Just to let you know, I could listen to this in my free time and find absolutely no problem with it, and I'm a picky bitch.

Anyways, impressive track once again. This one's a bit more complex than the other one, I think the "Silver Monster" song had a more interesting melody and atmosphere, while this song has a better display of your ability to chop up and organize all the intricate snippets (piano and drums included). I love it man, definetly worth a D/L to the good 'ole Ipod. Keep it up man! (Also, once again, very interesting story to go with the title, I enjoyed reading it. Keep that up too).

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Lapse responds:

Oh thats alright, i'd rather have it broken by you then some idiot. The long, content filled review will be good enough with out a score.

I'm glad you enjoy this. I am. It was a lot of work. And i've realized the time and effort was a much better pay off. Which is why i haven't made anything new recently really. Ah-hah. Being more meticulous, methodical.

That instrument i love. I've used it in a couple of songs too. Its got such a pleasant sound to it. Especially when you mess around with it and really bring it out. You can do some pretty interesting things with it too. I found playing around you could make it slide sort of like a guitar. Not sure if it was built like that at all, but by using 3 fast notes and changing the velocities a bit. In fact this song made me second guess my choice of an electric guitar vs an electro-acoustic. : (

I wanted to do alot with the song, i wanted a lot of change and melody range. I felt like some of my stuff doesnt have enough change, doesnt take on as much of a journey as i would like. I have a hard time figuring out what to transition into usually. This flowed great and gave off alot of variation and i used a lot of panning, i wanted it to engulf and fill up someone.

as far as your words for improvement go. I've actually been doing that (the idea with the drums and layering). I haven't been doing it as much as i should as its a pain in the ass most of the time and rather boring. I've slowly been collecting a small folder of glitchy noises and sounds that i've sampled and sampled myself. things I've used in other songs, small ticks and such. I should probably do that with kicks and snares more though. You pose a good point, it'd give me a more personal sound. Something that no one else is using. Right now, i find myself in the "Amen break" stage of my musical life, haha. And quickly transitioning out of that. I still just love the way the sample sounds and i try to take hold of it and make it my own as much as i can. So i will take what you say and use it to push for that. I'll just have to stop being lazy! Haha.

I'm glad you find this song enjoyable enough to listen to on a personal basis too. That means a lot. I'm glad you like the stories, too. I think i'll keep doing that in the future. Or at least for the first album i make i want to either have a couple songs spanning a story, or the whole album a story. Not sure. It just comes as i go. I've always enjoyed writing, so i thought it was a good idea. Again, thank you for your review, it does mean a lot to read something like this. To know some one takes the time to sit at their computer, listen, and type thoughtfully.

Your temporal lobes are appreciated.


People like you remind me that IDM and glitch really can be amazing subgenres. This is how stuff like this should be done! The drums should be thick and intense, but not the focal point, not aggressive, and the melodies should be written around natural sounding instruments. The layers and layers to hear here are great, and I love the spoken word bits. One of the coolest tracks I've found on NG. VERY good work!

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Lapse responds:

Thanks alot for your rev iew! It was great. You pose a great point. I try to work on each layer on its own. I like everything to be equally balanced and well heard when it needs to be, panning, etc. Need to fill each corner of space with harmony. Its taken such a long time to finally get that balance! I wish i could record in surround sound. This is one of my favorite songs and one of the ones i put the most passion into. Thank you for your kind words.

Keep listening. : )

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