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Finding Your Dorsal Fin

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remaster: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/179622

Con, The Bassmaster (Peptotrippin's Remix):

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/179385

Check it out!

To the sludge of everyday business life he rode the morning cab. His hand gripped tightly around his briefcase as the cabbie looked back to him. He reached his stop.

"12.50" the driver said.

"No, I don't think so today", the man said. and unbuckled his belt; undid his tie; ditched his case.

"Here, have this!"

Was shouted in a voice that didn't feel like his. He undid the buttons to his thickly starched shirt and an extension from his spine shot forth. In the dark glass of a nearby office building sprouted a most hideous protrusion. That's when he felt a tune take control of his body. Something long hidden was climbing forth, calling out to him. He broke into a light jog, then a full on sprint down the block. His shirt flew, his shoes went, his socks gone, his pants, no more. Every article of clothing fell from his form, as if a harsh breeze passed. He ran until his legs didn't feel like his anymore. He hopped the wall dividing the beach from the streets and across the sand he pushed on. Through a kids sand castle, in between two ladies sunbathing. He even managed to interrupt a friendly volleyball match till he reached the cool dark earth were the tide was waging war against the sand. He pushed on through the waters, letting out shouts of joy. The man dove deep into the cool dark waters and was never seen again. In the distance, beach-goers could spot a dolphin shooting up and down between the waves.


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Crazy sounds.

Its like this hodge podge, rhythmic golem of sorts. Its a wild ride, and I find myself entranced, losing myself in this chill tune. I would most definitely like to remix this.

Lapse responds:

Heh heh, if you want to man, go for it! I can give you the tracks stems and you can mess around with'em??

At first.....

At first I thought I wasn't going to like but I ended up listening to it 12 times. I love the vocals the sound effects and the melody is so serene, calm. It has many layers or elements to it that make up an incredible whole. I love the direction it goes. I will be listening to this for a while!

Lapse responds:

Haha, awesome! Glad you had listened many times. You can take in all the little things that way. Its good to hear that it filled your ears with such pleasure :D
I had a good time making this one. A little on the older side. Still one of my favorites though. Has a very different feel from what i usually do.

Please do keep listening.

Thank you for your great review.


I imagine this taking place on a beach. Strangely, I also imagine The Black Monster taking place on the same beach. Only this is at day in the summer.
Anyway, this song rules. I imagine someone on a boardwalk diving, spur of the moment, into the water. They find a magical underwater land. It's beautiful there. Just like this song.
Nice work.

Lapse responds:

Heh heh, that could be part of it. Crazy things happen in and around 'the city' I've created musically. I like the thoughts it spurred for you though. I'm glad it does that. Makes me happy. This is a slightly older track, too. I wish i could "find a magical underwater land".


Heh, thanks again for the reviews.


nice lil story you got there. Went with the song perfectly, if you meant to.

Lapse responds:

Thank you! I was going for something upbeat and this came out - the story and song title were later created after i thought of how the song made me feel. : D

Reviewing Your Dorsal Fin

The story made me smile.

Everyday life has become a bore. Ultimately, something snaps and upon this is the realisation that this is not life. At least not the one whom the titular character chooses to lead any longer. As his clothes flail in the wind behind him, his smile grows more and more. His eyes bright with life and excitment like a dog digging up dinosaur (sp?) bones. Like a young child finding his favourite toy and being re-united with it. He finds the ocean... he roars... and as beach-goes review the events before them, all believe it to be an act of suicide. A just reaction to the harsh realities of 'the norm' and the working man. All of whom be clad in shirts and ties, doing 9 'til 5, being faced with choice and selective means. Suicide is not this man's idea... he's just going home. He is going to a place to be happy and be free from these structures that have formed around him.

The title and story, to me, reffers to the fact that we all must be happy with what we choose in life and do things we enjoy, without worry of stress and aprehension. The titular character has found what he wants, and in the same way as him, we all must as some point find our own dorsal fin.

Anyway. I love the track! *Laughs*

Top marks.

Lapse responds:

Damn, i should throw your snippet up in there (With regards to you of course). I think i might too if you don't mind.

You got the idea right. I wanted to create a fun song. Slightly dancey, slightly urgent. And such and such...and such.

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4.92 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2008
4:52 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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