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So it Begins...

The first tests have begun with my new software. This was so worth maxing my visa :D.

I think it's high time I stepped away from vocals for the next while and found my roots again.

So here it is, oh yes... here it is my friends.

Fun Facts:

- There are 16 different tracks on this song. Featuring 13 different instruments.
- That haunting instrument you hear half way through, is called a Duduk.
- The total time it took me to write this was about 6 hours. Spanning over 6 days.
- Every instrument is played in Real-Time using my piano keyboard.
- I danced around my room naked with my paintball gun to this music... and you should too!
- 10 Cans of Pepsi were consumed during the making of piece.
- My dog does not like this song... and neither does anyone else when I blast it in my room.
- I always try to post new songs on Wednesdays.
- A piano can be found in every single one of my songs... somewhere. This will never change.



This piece was fun to listen to and sounded great. Nice suspenseful progressions, a good basic action-buildup piece. The Duduk was awesome, added a whole new layer of atmosphere to the piece which gave it a unique flair.

So, this is new software? Sounds good, which software specifically is it?

Production-wise, all the levels sound good, things mesh together nicely, but the overall/master level of the volume is horrendous! Constant clipping throughout the song. Reading the mixer on my wave output, the levels were in the red 75% of the time (during all the "heavier" parts which are the majority of the track)! The song's volume needs to be lowered a lot, then limited or compressed so it will still be as loud and strong as you want it without distortion constantly fuzzing in my ears and detracting from the quality of the song!

Anyway, great track, looking forward to more. Keep it up! And I have no problems hearing piano on every track, or Duduk for that matter - love'em both!

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but not the best i've heard from you
reminds me of old 50's horror movies
nice job

good stuff.

Nice to hear more tracks from you. Great stuff and yes coming back to our roots is always a good thing when it comes to music haha. Great work my friend and keep on it as always its nice to hear some of this epic stuff on here. keeps a guy like myself relaxed!


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The progressions were very eerie and cool and the drums mixed in very nicely. The high point was kind of repetitive and uninteresting but the other parts were very outstanding.

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thats from the cloverfield thing.

its just an edit of the cloverfield thing.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Absolutley completely 100% incorrect. I suggest you listen to the "Cloverfield" score before suggesting such stupidity.

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Apr 9, 2008
2:50 AM EDT
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