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another day has gone

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what you hear are all original instruments like sax, trumpet, trombone etc. no synthies.
all played by good friends.
espicially in the end, you will hear the coolest dixie sound, you ever heard.
i hope you will.

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I feel like I have to write you a good review

You may dominate the top of the Pop charts, but it's not that much of a stretch when your music sounds like this. I especially like this song because it's so SImon and Garfunkle like.

This is such a great tune. The analog feel really pushes it over the top. The dirty and warm timbre of the overall track really makes it feel like you're not on Newgrounds anymore. Frankly, this sound is unique and very easy to enjoy.

I'll admit that even I have voted 5 on this track.

you have systematically

Ruined the this genre and trying to ruin others.. The fact that the votes are so low means you spend a lot of time down voting others on a daily basis and egotistically voting 5 on your own, its quite obvious. Tom Fulp needs to do something about you. Hey! Tom how about one vote only and you cant vote on your own! To stop the demise of the genre and other artist that suffer at the hands of creeps like this guy. YOU MUST BE STOPPED FROM HATE VOTING OTHERS!!! HELP STOP THIS IDIOT!!!


I'll be a monkey's uncle if you played all this.

Yes 'the coolest dixie sound I ever heard' could be played by you. Certainly wasn't played by a professional. The rest of it was sampled. I'm thinking Moody Blues, am I close?

Anyway, you sure as hell didn't record all of this in your home studio. (And if it wasn't a home studio, I want the phonenumber, so I can check whether a band called a-rest comes in to practice on a daily basis!)

a-rest responds:

are you the uncle of kmonnie?
then maybe you´re not an monkey´s uncle but
his-music-is-not-liked-and therefor-he-blames-other-people-uncle
what a silly netherlandian connection will you build up here?
is this review the last thing we will hear from you guys down there, before your country gets drowned? then one joke for you:
what will be, when the netherlands will be flooded?
Germany will get directly to the half-finals.

same response

Hi a-rest,

First of all, since you seem to dominate the pop-genre on this website, I decided to check all your tracks! Your songs definately have 'something', they feel like the records I grew up with, such as simon and garfunkel, jethro tull, etc etc. In short, they take me back. However, I have two major arguments for awarding you this relatively low score:

1. I feel like, the pop genre should be for modern music. There probably is no indie rock genre, but maybe one should be created. This really isn't pop music and to be honest, I don't understand why no-one else seems to have a problem with that...

2. The quality of your recordings is pretty bad in most of your songs. I mean, the instruments sound good, warm and intimate, but there is a huge amount of hiss and crackle in them. Have you considered building a studio of some sort to get better sound quality?

Lastly, I don't know how you get so many votes? Do you have any suggestions? Everytime I upload a track I get like 20 votes if I'm lucky...

You didn't respond to my review, but my track got downvoted (with exactly one vote) from 4.2 to 3.6 or something. Must have been someone with a voting power of around, oh I don't know, SEVEN!? Voting a ZERO! Im sorry, but I don't think my track was THAT bad. Feels more like you are systematically blocking other artists from getting in the top 10.

Don't you know that when you do that, your top10 position doesn't mean anything anymore? Don't you realize that you are basically admitting that your songs are crap? (actually I don't think they're crap, but they're certainly not top10 pop material)

a-rest responds:

as i have told you in private, you blame the wrong people.
you wish a positive reaction?
here´s one for you:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bmhjf 0rKe8&feature=related


Most of your songs sound the same dude.
And you need a new singer.. Other than that, it would be fucking Ace!
But lose this singer you have, he's so horrible and makes everything sound so... gay.

This isn't Pop

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3.59 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2008
6:40 AM EDT
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5 min 9 sec

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