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I just started playing Super Mario 64 for the first time (I'm about 10 years behind on video games) and I instantly fell in love with the theme used for the water levels. The version used in the game actually isn't very good (thanks to the N64's audio quality) and I couldn't find a remix that I liked, so I decided to make my own remix of it.

This is probably the most 'mellow' remix I've done yet. I changed a few elements of the main melody, but it's essentially the same exact theme for the most part. I wound up making three versions of this remix, without a beat, with a beat, and one that's a little higher pitched. This is the first version. I may upload the other versions if people like this one.


It's very chill, but lacks =/

It just seems very simple and not much was added to the original, and not to be messed up, but that's a lot like just a cover. For you to make the mix your own, you should change the song in some way... Or else it just seems like posting the song.
Although, listening to your other music, you have the creative ability, you lack the bulk stucture that goes into the dynamics of music. Also, the Tone in the backround that sounds like an Airy-Synth, is kind of repetitive and would be a nice change if the notes changed in some sort of breakdown. I think it'd be a wicked piece if you put more "umf" into the song. I like this song a alot, but was kind of dissapointed. But no worries, my expectaions from hearing another mix of this song is what had my expectations for this song going.
Go a little more unique. =)

Bad-Atom responds:


When I make my video game remixes (maybe 'covers' is more accurate) I do try to stay close to the original. I took a few minor liberties with the melody, but why mess with something that was so good to begin with? :) As for the tone, I tried to keep it very mellow - again, close to the source material.

don't get me wrong this is very well done...

but its technically a cover
nothing to amazing
but still very relaxing
i would love to hear an original piece of yours in this tone

Wow,very relaxing.

This brings back memories, to be sure. Super Mario 64 was one of my favorite games, and I'm just thinking of the hours wasted on that game...(I spent every waking moment trying to get all the stars, eventually succeeding, yes I am a nerd)

But enough memories. I can't really say anything negative about this.. (then again, what do i know of music?) I guess all I can say, is to keep up the good work

And good god, man, I shudder to think what other masterpieces of gaming you've yet to play, if you have just started Super Mario 64.


Out of all the remixes I've heard, this is by far the best of them all. I loved how you got it really close to the original. I will disagree with you by saying the original is better, but if someone wanted a remix this would be the best one to choose. Superb job indeed.


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great job dude:D

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