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Ahhh.... it's sunday evening and the lovely band The Jurians is going to perform. I went with Bob to the lovely Sunshine lounge, where they've always been performing. I bought Bob a tequila and got a bitter scotch for myself. This was going to be a nice evening...

Then The Jurians started playing, I'd never heard this song, and I listened to their performances on a weekly basis, so this definately was a new song. And boy it was great! When the basist started, the bass was definately flowing through my body. The soothing drumbeat came in, and also this was of a superb skill, not too wild, precisely what I like. Together with the strings the piano came in. The piano was great, that's what was so good about The Jurians, their music was great, and they didn't even use vocals! Then the electric guitar came in, to be quickly followed by the sax. What a diversity, I'm stunned. I turned my head towards Bob, who I saw was also enjoying the song. Tapping his feet to the beat, it was great to see him enjoy the song as much as I did. I was in a state of nirvana for three and a half minutes. After they finished everybody stood up and gave The Jurians a round of applause. Still wondering what this new song was, I headed toward The Jurians. I asked what the newest song was. The Pianist replied: "Thoughts"

NOTE: The story above is NOT written by me, it's by LilFugitive, the song is by me....


Ni-i-ice... =)

Cool track, man...relaxing and positive))) Summer walk in the night city... Streetlights, cars, peoples, shining moon... I like that)))

5/5 10/10 +fav



Great happy go lucky feeling song. Just seemed to flow by. Reminded me of summer. Loved the piano, how it seemed to happen relentlessly, build and delelope into a really cool sounding groove. I kinda did notice there were a few out of tune notes though, I don't knowif they were suppose to be there, but it didn; take away from the experience at all, great track

=Review Request Club=

Another wonderful piece of music.

Sounds like your typical techno-jazz style but it seems you're using a greater variety of percussion here.

What's that sound that first pops up at 17s and then once ever 2s for a wee while?

Specially when we get into the middle of the track, there's a lot going on. Melody, counter-melody. Electric piano, scrapey wood thing, bells, drums, change, move, change, go on. I do so love the way you change it up.

You'd like a shining example to everyone - of how a tune should meander. Of how it can use a few well-placed instruments here and there to massive effect.

Bearing in mind that I'm only throwing in this criticism as I consider a review without criticism to be not a proper review, you could have maybe returned to the starting melody less often.

-Review Request Club-


Great bassline here. It is always present but keeps it self in the background very well, so that also the other instruments could be heard very well.

I especially like the sax in this song. While the bassline is the main ingredient of the song, the sax adds the spice to it and together they create a very delicious meal, that I could eat every day and never be tired of it.


{ Review Request Club }

Different Jazz

Another wonderful piece from Jurian. What more really needs to be said?

[Review Request Club]

... Well, that was all that I really needed to say, but I feel that you deserve a little more waffle, so here goes:

It's nice to hear a piece from you that isn't dominated by the piano. It's got a vastly different sound to it and so isn't instantly recognisable as a Jurian track. I quite liked the way that it looped, with the slowdown towards the end and then it just suddenly picked up some momentum and started off again.

The best and most simple part of this track has to be the bassline. Ever present and hardly ever commented on, the bassline has such a tough life. It was wonderful, as you even gave it a little solo, which probably cheered it up.

[Review Request Club]

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