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Desolate City of Ice

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Ambient-classical track. A group of seven travelers emerge from the perilous caverns to rest in a completely desolate, frozen town up north. I worked for a while on this, it might be a bit overdone but I hope some will enjoy! Reviews always appreciated, thanks for listening :)

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I did not know you had such a musical talent in you man! This piece is beautiful , gorgeous even. It's ambient but all at the same time very Epic. Excuted flawlessly. I could write a seriously long review as I do, and can do most times but I don't think it's necessary. This song is excellent! Excellent! You know I will mail you a full review later because right now I just have to listen and really grasp what I want to say. I love it though. The flute...and piano are so lyrical. Great music here. Great.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Thanks for the very kind comments! I'm really glad you like this one :D


Long time no see, Mr. I Write Long Reviews haha.

Amazing track sir, as simple as. I forgot which program you acquired before I stopped coming to Newgrounds but you definitely make great use of it. Overworked? Never, it's perfect. Smooth drums, very fitting and "icy" piano, nice wind instrument (I assume there's a wind-like instrument there) and good strings (I'm running out of adjectives here! Need a thesaurus :P)

It's tracks like this that make me wish I could write longer reviews to emphasize just how GOOD it is, but no words come out other than amazing. Good job, keep it up.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Hey Gronmon! Welcome back!

I thought it was overdone at the time, but this, unlike all (and I mean all) my other tracks, is the only one which I can come back to and actually like. Stilll some things that can be done I imagine, sound production is a bit mickey mouse for one, but that's just the way she goes you know? I'm trying to improve in that area.

and man, you don't need to write long reviews, but I really do appreciate that you think this is really good. Thanks a lot for the review man :D Great to have you back with us on NG!


This is beautiful and cold.
Wonderful yet harsh.
Grand but desolate.
Spectacular and dark.

If you get the tools, you will make magic. Best of luck.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Thanks a bunch for the kind words synthec! Have a good day :)


This would be perfect for an rpg or mmorpg too!
Takes you in a perfect atmosphere. I really love the large sounds of the piano and how you managed the strings, really well balanced and always interesting.
Melody flows and percussions takes part to the dance of the piece.
Five and download.
Keep up this great work.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:


I love your stuff, and as an accomplished jazz guitarist and musician, its great to hear compliments coming from you.

Thanks fors stopping by and reviewing, I really appreciate it man :D

This is much more than just amazing!

And now a contra-review from me for you:

This song has a really dangerous sounding beginning,
but then the atmosphere you first created disbands into a more relaxing and some kind of sad mood.
You made a great job with this transition and the calm, but sad piano sounds.
The drum give it an additional danger, but support also the rhythm - which is GREAT by the way.
The background wind sound really fits to the name of this piece.
I find that when the tambourine begins to play the whole song gets more stability - what is not supposed to mean that the more flowing sounds are too "unstable" or something.
I love the flute that you added as a new concomitant melody!
I've got to say that it would be better for a warmer song, but since this song is sooooo genius, that doesn't really disturb me all! ^^
And WARMER doesnÄt mean hot. :>

You said that it would be a little overdone, but
What a great job you made!

Just reading the description of this song was beautiful!
You should really hook onto some movie or game makers with your songs!
I would love to really see the city... or not?
Hmm... you forced my imagination to create wonderful pictures of that desolate city, so that visuals could destroy my dreams!

... much more... than amazing.
That's all I have to say.
Thank you for this great piece S3C!

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Hey thanks for the great review! You really didn't need to write all that if it's difficult for you to translate, but thanks!

Yes-you're first paragraph was pretty much spot on with what I was trying to accomplish, relaxing as the group of travelers are in a fairly safe place, sad and lonely for the desolation, and a little bit of danger because they are unaware of the peril that may wait them ahead. Heh, I'm really glad you liked reading the description.

heh, I wish my music would get used in games here. thanks for the support.

again thanks for the nice review, I really appreciate it.

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Apr 6, 2008
12:18 AM EDT
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