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This is a Piano song I've had stuck in my head for awhile. Figured I'd let the rest of the world hear it rather than be Selfish. Enjoy!



omigoodness i think im in love. HAhahaha this was beautiful. i think at times you went sharp where natural would have also sounded okay, i think, but i really really like it and i must have listend to it at least 20 times after adiare gave me the link. lol

Fab job, and keep it up=)

kaptainkewl responds:

Haha, It took me a second before I realized who you were. Thanks alot though.
I believe I talked to you on msn once before with Matt and Andrew. This is one of my favorite piano pieces that I've made, I got two more on the way, but one I REALLY want someone to sing to before I can upload it here. Check out some of the other stuff as well, and once again, Thanks alot for the review!

~~~Brad Kubota

Good one

Hello! I'm also intrested in making classical musics/video game musics like that one too. I think that's so good, I love the main theme. The contra is only that somewhere the melody become "crazy" like, and it doesn't sound as well as the original one. However, I give you 4 scores and 9 stars.



Overall, verrry good for a original composition, flows well, isn't too repetitive and good piano playing.

Okay, points to improve on, the top notes sounded a bit to harsh and sharp sometimes, I don't know if you could have done the top end melody on a lower octave, but yeah harsh and stuff. The top end chords weren't really consistantly hit, but you can't really expect too much from a live recording.

I think that this would sound good if it was digitally enhanced, but that really depends if you want to hear a authentic live peice or a digitally enhanced peice..

Other than the things I said in this review, it was fooking amazing mate :D
5'd 9'd. :3

kaptainkewl responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm trying to figure out what spots you were talking about (I hate how I have to wait for my own song to load :P) BUt there are times when I let the emotion playing take over, sometimes I hit notes to hard and they reverberate louder than they should. Basically the treble was played in octaves so every note on the reble was actually two one octave apart. It's really hard to keep that playing while your doing a bass that is that complex as well. Theres bound to be some mess up's iuntil I can perfect my piano skills. Seriously thanks for the pointers and I'll use it sometime in the future.

Absolutely wonderful man

This is pure beauty. If i could play piano like you, I'd give 3 of my left testicles.

Did you teach yourself piano ? and how long did it take ?

kaptainkewl responds:

ya i did, i've been playing for about 4 years now... i actually started, just playing twinkle twinkle little star, and slowly got better...i learned how to play by listening to other music and playing the melodies... then chords came and such...one night i was toying around and just made a song randomly, the rest is history


i dont even know, i cant find the words to desribe how beutiful this is, great work!!

kaptainkewl responds:

Thanks alot for the review, I really appreciate it. :P

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Apr 5, 2008
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